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As the Maples Begin to Change Their Wardrobes – Photophile Musings

It’s the coming of autumn here in Central Vermont, but the leaves aren’t quite yet falling down. But, the trees are already beginning to change color, especially the sugar maples. This is one of my favorite times of the year as a record hot summer here in the Northeast finally gives way to soft, refreshing […]

Setting Down to Type a Masterpiece – Photophile Musings

When I was younger, I actually owned a vintage typewriter; I believe it formerly belonged to a family member. It was painted a pale green, and I can’t recall the brand, but it actually still worked. In the late 90’s, though, it was impossible to acquire a new ribbon for it. Nowadays, they actually produce […]

Awash in the Ecstasy of a Childish Dream – Photophile Musings

Niagara Falls, New York is a place many associate with romance. It’s considered to be an important vacation destination, and it’s regarded by many as a truly impressive spectacle as a natural wonder. Now, yes, it’s particularly impressive from a practical power generation standpoint. But, when I had the chance to beat the crowds and […]

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