How Forever is Composed of Nows

One of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems, and I have so many, is one often referred to as “Forever” or Poem #690. I’ve always been particularly fond with her poems that deal with two of her favorite themes, time and mortality. But when it comes to the line “Forever – is composed of Nows,” that’s […]

Telling One’s Story

The telling of one’s story is a complicated and often tumultuous task, particularly for one whose heart beats to wax poetic. It’s a task that requires delving into the deepest corners of the soul, an unearthing of memories both beautiful and painful, a weaving of experiences and emotions into a narrative that’s both truthful and […]

Thomas Slatin Visits Middletown Springs University

Middletown Springs University is a free, pop-up university in Middletown Springs, Vermont. The first classes were held March 8th through the 15th, 2023. Courses are taught by volunteers, with subjects ranging from sauerkraut to survival skills. My wife Thomas visited several of these classes and took some spectacular photographs like these: Sauerkraut Making Yoga for Children […]

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