Moss Glen Falls and the Retirement of a Film Warrior – Photophile Musings

Nestled between a quiet state highway and the serene woodlands of Granville, Vermont, Glen Moss Falls offered a moment to capture pure, unaffected beauty. This moment now is immortalized as one of the last breaths of a faithful companion – a Fujifilm medium-format film camera. This photograph is a testament to the camera’s enduring legacy, […]

A Visit to the AMTRAK Train Station at White River Junction – Photophile Musings

As I stood on the platform at the AMTRAK train station in White River Junction, Vermont, the vibrant red of a vintage caboose captures the gaze and imagination. Once a ubiquitous sight at the end of a freight train, this caboose now rests quietly, juxtaposed against the backdrop of modern railroading. Stationed behind the Boston […]

Understanding Employee Reward as an Art and Not As a Science

3 Key Takeaways from Daniel Hibbert’s Book ‘Thunder Cloud’ “Like a thunder cloud, reward can be dark and menacing but it is also good fun, endlessly fascinating and bright sunshine is never too far behind.” – Daniel Hibbert, Thunder Cloud Through his book, Thunder Cloud, UK business consultant Daniel Hibbert writes about his work in […]

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