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Amelia’s Books

Take My Hand and Lead Me Through the Fire Amelia Desertsong Book Cover

Take My Hand And Lead Me Through the Fire by Amelia Desertsong

“A deeply introspective writer, Amelia’s poetry reflects her personal growth, spiritual journey, and a profound understanding of the complexities of the human heart. Her debut poetry collection spans over 125 poems in various styles, a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft…”

Softcover hardcopy available through Barnes and Noble Press / Download My Poetry Collection as a PDF Free Here!

Cloud pieces Amelia Phoenix Desertsong

Cloud Pieces by Amelia Desertsong

“Cloud Pieces by Amelia Phoenix Desertsong, the author of Take My Hand And Lead Me Through The Fire, is a selection of essays that invites readers into a world where thoughts float as freely as clouds in the sky. Each essay in this collection is a delicate piece of the author’s heart and mind, a combination of experience, imagination, and profound insight.”

Softcover hardcopy available through Barnes and Noble Press / Download My Essay Collection as a PDF Free Here!

Chronicles of Absurdia by Amelia Desertsong

Chronicles of Absurdia is a series of essays that delve into the peculiarities and paradoxes of everyday life. This first volume contains 25 essays, mostly written in 2024, carefully selected for their insights and relevance to our shared human experience. Some have been adapted from previously written works to fit into this book. Chronicles of Absurdia’s concept hinges on the conflict between our human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the cold, indifferent universe that offers no clear answers.


Tom’s Books

Only the Moon Understands the Beauty of Love Thomas Slatin

Only The Moon Understands The Beauty of Love by Thomas Slatin

“Only the Moon Understands the Beauty of Love, signifies the next chapter in the creative nonfiction writer’s life. Though Slatin enjoyed a rewarding career as an Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter spanning some two decades, writing has permeated every aspect of Slatin’s life since writing on her parents’ New York City apartment walls as a child…”

Available at: Barnes and Noble (Paperback)

reckless and wild Thomas Slatin

Reckless and Wild: That Which Cannot Be Unseen by Thomas Slatin

“Thomas is a master photographer and published writer whose writing focuses on creative nonfiction about unique life experiences. Meanwhile, her photography focuses on abandoned locations, urban exploration, and adventure photography. Her writing and photography has been featured in numerous media venues, books, and websites.”

Available at: Barnes And Noble (Paperback)

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