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Amelia Phoenix Desertsong is the Chief Content Creator at The Phoenix Desertsong, a culmination of the many articles, photography, and creative written works she’s collected over the decades. Her life’s goal is writing words while spreading love and kindness. She’s available to be an aspiration advocate (as well as SEO consultant and copy editor) for anyone who has the will to create!

Since she was four years old, Amelia has been busy at work creating fantastic worlds full of zany characters and epic situations. While many of her early works consist of silly mash-ups of her favorite books and cartoons of the time, they laid important groundwork for her novel writing today. 

During her college years, Amelia worked part-time in marketing. She later parlayed this work experience into a full-time position as a marketing assistant, starting in 2009. There she developed her skills in professional article writing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and building both HTML and WordPress websites. In 2013, she decided to turn self-employed as a freelance writer and social media manager.

Through mid-2020, Amelia managed many blogs, social media channels, and websites for a wide variety of clients. As a side-hustle, she has also dabbled in buying and selling collectibles such as sports cards and trading cards such as Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the Pokemon Trading Card Game. She continues these pursuits as a hobby.

In July 2020, Amelia Desertsong met Thomas Slatin, master photographer and creative extraordinaire. They have since become partners both professionally and personally. She continues to leverage her online marketing expertise with her own personal website, The Phoenix Desertsong, and public relations for her partner’s website TomSlatin.com. Amelia is still available for feature article work on a freelance basis.

Amelia lives in Vermont with her partner Thomas, where they enjoy frequent road trips exploring the small town life and historic places of Northern New England. She’s a major Trekkie, hardcore baseball fan, and generally nerdy to the extreme.

Contact Amelia Desertsong

Email: ameliathewriter at gmail dot com

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BTW, this woman is so amazing. Her writing is GOALS! And, her photography is GOALS. And, her web design… there are no words to describe its awesomeness

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