Which is the Best of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to kick off Generation 9 of Pokemon, and with these games come our ninth trio of starter Pokemon. As always, they are Grass, Water, and Fire type. Our choices this time around are the Grass-type Spigatito, the Water-type Quaxly, and the Fire-type Fuecoco. Over time, this article will be […]

Weight of the Words

Many words I’ve written begin as still frames in my mind’s eye. The words I often refuse to write involve the recurring nightmares gnawing at my soul many a morning I awake, echoes of a past life unfulfilled; even now, as I’ve overcome so many long-thought impossible obstacles, these things still haunt me, upsetting me […]

How Billy Brewer Helped the Royals Win the 2015 World Series – MLB Trade Trees

Billy Brewer was a pretty good Rule 5 draft pick by the Kansas City Royals, a solid left-handed pitcher who would throw three seasons out of the Royals bullpen. Clearly, his work in the Expos system was good enough to give him a flier, and the scouts were absolutely correct. But, neither Brewer nor the […]

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