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Understanding Employee Reward as an Art and Not As a Science

3 Key Takeaways from Daniel Hibbert’s Book ‘Thunder Cloud’ “Like a thunder cloud, reward can be dark and menacing but it is also good fun, endlessly fascinating and bright sunshine is never too far behind.” – Daniel Hibbert, Thunder Cloud Through his book, Thunder Cloud, UK business consultant Daniel Hibbert writes about his work in […]

The Paradox of Plenty: Navigating the Quicksand of Having Too Much Free Time

Our world often seems to be racing against the ticking clock. So for many, the notion of having too much free time might appear as a distant, almost utopian concept. Yet, as John Koenig astutely observes in his book “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” an abundance of free time can sometimes morph into a kind of […]

How Do We Challenge Cultural Limitations in Learned and Imaginative Writings?

Let’s uncover the power of cultural influences on language, imagery, and perspectives in writings. How do we learn to surpass these limitations? Edward Said, the renowned author of “Orientalism,” profoundly underscored that learned and imaginative writings are never truly free. They are tightly bound by distinct boundaries that dictate the imagery employed, the assumptions made, […]

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