Dazzled by Star Power

amelia phoenix desertsong

 Star power has become so important in today’s society. It’s incredible what an individual today will do even for those infamous “fifteen minutes of fame.” Celebrity has been a powerful force in the media for a great many years. But, with twenty-four hour news coverage now not only possible,but  made essentially necessary due to the explosion of social media reporting things as they happen… it seems like it’s either news of violence or news about celebrities. There’s very little “good” news anymore.

While it’s awesome to see that a famous couple had a baby, most of the time I really could care less about where a celebrity was spotted or what they were wearing. Celebrities, believe it or not, are just ordinary people like us. Imagine if there was somebody stalking me with a smartphone. I walk out of the house, and I swear within no time, there will be a photo on the internet of me in my jean shorts and baggy T-shirt with my hair up in a scrawny little ponytail.

Being as cute as I am, it will probably go viral and so many silly, clever little bloggers will be writing about me. I’d still be pretty upset. You should’ve let me at least do my hair, put on a bit of mascara and blush, and get on some nicer sneakers.

If you’re anyone in the celebrity world, be in fashion, or music, or movies, you’re constantly stalked. We talk about “Big Brother” watching us all the time. For celebrities, that is your life. You’re constantly being scrutinized for every tiny thing you do. Then, you wonder why celebrities go off and do some really effed up things. 

Part of it, I’m sure, really is just stress. That constant attention does wear on a lot of people. Some obviously thrive on it. A lot don’t. That’s why there are plenty of celebrities that like to just disappear when they’re not on the job. Good for them.

I just hope these celebrity attention-mongers will eventually get bored and realize that they should perhaps be journaling something else. Like, I don’t know. Doctors saving lives. People helping people. Highlighting local teachers or community leaders. You know, things that might actually inspire people to do more with their lives?

Maybe I’m asking too much. By the way, I’m heading out to the convenience store! So, I’m gonna put on heels, my sparkliest purple eyeshadow, bright blue lipstick, and I’ll have curled my hair. I’m gonna kill those jean shorts and that old rag of a black t-shirt.

See your pix soon, guys and gals! Be sure to get my best side!

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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