“Faces and Places” (Poetry)

Watching all the beautiful facesCrammed into ever tightening spacesBarely room to tie any lacesStruggling to keep up with quickening paces Watching them come and goWith so few smilesAnd too many frownsUnconsciously awareOf the strange and vileInvading their townsWith ominous despair Too many frowning facesIn ever over crowded spacesFalling behind in society’s racesLooking out for best […]

Writing Soup

Soup: it’s one of my favorite words in the English language. It’s such a pleasant word. When you think of soup, it’s comforting. However, the actual meaning of ‘soup’ is pretty cut and dry. This is the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of soup:  “a liquid dish, typically made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables, etc., in […]

Photophile Musings: “I Took a Journey to the Unknown”

The photo “I Took a Journey To The Unknown” used by permission. When you’re exploring old urban areas, you never know what you’ll find. Thomas Slatin digs up all sorts of artifacts in his travels doing urban exploration photography. Take this piece discovered in an inner city backyard area. When I asked Thomas what this […]

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