Motion in Writing

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A writer must always be in motion, just as we all should be. This motion should always be clear in our writing, reflecting a soul constantly reinventing itself on the fly. It’s important for us as writers to never stay still for long. 

We must go out of our way to be out of our own way, just to create opportunities for us to write about. Sometimes this will mean scribbling something about an unexpected discovery in a notebook or a curious line on whatever happens to be handy, like a diner napkin. As long as inspiration strikes, one must yield to letting these sparks transform into characters flowing onto the page.

Sadly, the perilous trap of academia and professionalism can ensnare a writer in place. As part of enforced conformity, the creative writer is often stifled, slowly losing the momentum of the vibrant motion that breathes life into our work. The mastery of the written word is elusive and demanding enough, but to lose motion in writing is a death knell for any scribe wishing to leave their mark on literary history. 

To instill motion in one’s writing, which means to stir the hearts of readers and propel them to action, is the most arduous and rewarding aspect of the writer’s craft. We must aspire to create writing which soars and swoops through the minds of its audience; only then do we gift it the transcendent power to uplift, to inspire, and to excite our readers. 

Though often perceived as a sedentary pursuit, writing is truly a dynamic endeavor. As with any human enterprise, success hinges upon the momentum we cultivate; our words must serve as a tidal wave of inspiration for the surfers on the seas of imagination. Instilling motion in writing makes people get up and do something.

Unfortunately, we wordsmiths too often find ourselves caught in the quagmire of creative stagnation, our wheels futilely churning in the muck. To avoid such literary fatigue, we must infuse all other aspects our lives with motion, as well, lest we find ourselves mired in the doldrums of monotony.

Becoming the writer you were destined to be is a winding odyssey, spanning many years as you unearth your unique writing rhythm. We must not measure ourselves against one another, for writing is not a contest; we authors must join a chorus of diverse voices. Once you discover your own writing “groove,” embrace this self-discovery. Wield your pen as a beacon of enlightenment, sharing the wisdom you’ve amassed along the way. 

The literary world of prose is a wild and wacky arena in which both the experimental and traditional among us are constantly in flux. Regardless of skill or prowess, if you put pen to paper or you spill any kind of digital ink, you’re already investing in the league of extraordinary expressionists. Though the path to recognition as a writer may be steeper for some, persistence and tenacity will lead to triumph, just as it is with any other worthwhile endeavor. 

Each writer brings their own distinct palettes to color their prose. Like any individual, each writer offers a self-portrait of their strengths and weaknesses. The quest to hone one’s talents while tempering one’s flaws is a universal pursuit, not only limited to writing. By perpetually refining your skills, you remain in motion, your writing propelling you ever forward. In return, your own writing retains this motion, drifting forward and into the minds of those who read your words.

Does your writing carry you toward the horizon, are you adrift in the doldrums of stagnation, or perhaps, are you even sliding backwards? Regardless of your answer, remember that the key to progress lies in perseverance and relentless exploration. 

In time, if you and your writing both remain in motion, you’ll pen a masterpiece that not only advances your own journey, but also stirs the souls of others. This is the ultimate triumph for every writer, a goal for which we should all strive with fervor and passion.

~ Amelia Phoenix Desertsong, April 22, 2023

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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