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Fellow writers, have you ever wondered how fascinating it would be to harness the captivating power of video games, transforming these pixelated worlds into compelling prose, breathtaking narratives, or enthralling poetry? You’re in luck, because we’re diving headfirst into the dynamic, multi-dimensional world of video gaming with these 30 creative writing prompts. 

These writing prompts about video games can serve as your cheat code to crafting a fantastic story, essay, or an article of your own. So, ready your controller and equip your quill. Let’s embark on an epic journey, full of perilous quests, riveting mysteries, brave heroes, and ruthless villains. Be sure to grab any power-ups along the way, because it’s time to level up your writing skills!

  1. Describe a memorable boss battle from a video game and explain why it stands out to you.
  2. Write a story about a gamer who gets transported into the world of their favorite video game.
  3. Imagine you are a character in a video game. Write a journal entry describing your latest adventure.
  4. Create a detailed review of your all-time favorite video game, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Write a persuasive essay arguing whether video games can be considered a form of art and use a specific example or examples.
  6. Develop a new concept for a video game, including its genre, gameplay mechanics, and story.
  7. Write a character profile for a video game protagonist, describing their personality, motivations, and backstory.
  8. Describe the most immersive video game world you have ever experienced and explain what makes it so captivating.
  9. Write a short story set in a post-apocalyptic video game universe, where the last remaining humans are fighting for survival.
  10. Imagine you are a game developer. Describe the process of designing and creating a new video game from start to finish.
  11. Write a critique of the representation of women in video games, discussing both positive and negative examples.
  12. Create a guidebook for players of a popular multiplayer online game, providing tips and strategies for success.
  13. Write a dialogue between two characters from different video games, as they meet and interact for the first time.
  14. Describe the impact of video games on society and discuss their influence on various aspects of life.
  15. Write a letter to a game developer expressing your appreciation for their work and explaining how their game affected you.
  16. Imagine you are a video game journalist. Write an article about the controversy surrounding loot boxes and micro-transactions in gaming.
  17. Write a personal essay reflecting on your own journey as a gamer, discussing the games that have shaped you and the lessons you’ve learned.
  18. Develop a detailed backstory for a non-playable character (NPC) in a video game, giving them a compelling history and motivations.
  19. Write a review comparing two different video game consoles, discussing their features, performance, and game library.
  20. Create a guide to speedrunning a popular video game, offering tips and tricks to complete it in record time.
  21. Imagine a world where video games are banned. Write a dystopian story exploring the consequences of this prohibition.
  22. Write a character analysis of a video game villain, delving into their motivations and the impact they have on the game’s narrative.
  23. Describe the evolution of video game graphics over the past decade, discussing the advancements and technological breakthroughs.
  24. Write a script for a cutscene in a video game, capturing an emotional moment between two characters.
  25. Imagine a crossover between two different video game franchises. Write a short story describing how the characters from both games meet and interact.
  26. Write a persuasive essay arguing whether violent video games contribute to real-world aggression or not.
  27. Create a list of the top ten most iconic video game soundtracks of all time, explaining why each one is memorable.
  28. Describe the process of developing a multiplayer online game, including the challenges faced and the strategies for building a strong player community.
  29. Write a critique of the portrayal of mental health in video games, analyzing both positive and negative examples.
  30. Imagine a virtual reality game that allows players to explore historical events. Write a proposal for this game, detailing the time periods and locations that could be visited

Remember, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ path with this grand adventure of writing; just a vast open-world sandbox waiting for you to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just a newbie, the potential for exciting, unique, and vivid storytelling is within your reach. Keep these prompts handy for those days when you need an extra boost of inspiration. Happy writing and game on!

Let us know which of these prompts inspired you the most. Also, feel free to share your own video game related writing prompts!

~ Amelia Desertsong

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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