Why the Words Within Must Be Unleashed

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In my early teenage years, when the corridors of high school echoed with a disharmonious mixture of ambition and uncertainty, a hidden gift lay dormant within me. Wrapped in the silken folds of trepidation, I harbored the power to conjure syllables and form wonders of wordplay. Yet, I kept this writing talent shrouded, like a fragile butterfly trapped within its own chrysalis, afraid to spread its delicate wings and take flight into the vast expanse of the literary sky.

At the time, I believed my restraint was an act of necessity. In a world where conformity was lauded and our horizons seemed as narrow as the slivers of sunlight filtering through the blinds of our classroom windows, I feared my vibrant prose would be met with disdain. Little did I know that my self-imposed limitations on my writing were but illusory shackles forged by my own limitations.

The relentless passage of time, that grand maestro of metamorphosis, would eventually grant me the key to unlocking my potential. With each sunrise, the world bloomed before my eyes, revealing new experiences and perspectives. Each novel encounter and every serendipitous moment served as another source of inspiration for my emerging writer’s mind.

Through my pursuits of practicing the written word, I came to understand that the essence of Life is not static, but rather an ever-evolving dance of discovery. Like the shrinks and swells of an ocean’s tide, my prose began to find its own rhythm, composed of diverse influences and the fertile soil of my imagination.

Once I entered my college years, I recognized that my writing gifts needed to be unleashed. No longer did I shy away from utilizing the fullness my linguistic palette; instead, I embraced the full spectrum of my creativity, crafting sentences shimmering like iridescent peacock feathers, and paragraphs that swirled together like the brushstrokes of an artistic masterpiece. My prose began to blossom like a rose unfurling its velvety petals, inviting readers to lose themselves in my musings.

Whenever I have felt stuck in life, the art of wordcraft has granted me the gift of perpetual motion. Even when my own world seemed to be standing still, or even spinning backwards, my words allow me to craft a vibrant written world pulsing with life. My words have become my compass, guiding me through uncharted waters. 

Like a ship setting sail for the distant horizon, my words have become a vessel on which I travel without trepidation. Today I’m unburdened by the chains of conformity and fueled by the limitless energy of an interior creative world that, at long last, I’ve come to embrace. It may have taken me decades to get here, but the adventure has been well worth the trials.

~ Amelia Desertsong

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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