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The Lacquer (Poetry)

Buried beneath the lacquerThe liquor stole your beautiful sightInside you suck on your inhalerSearching for some inner light What’s left within for rightIs there any purpose to fightYou’re fading even palerThe days are growing ever staler This is a stage of frightDarkened by eternal nightHate pervades the valleysAnd slips through the broken levees Watch the […]

Resurgence (Poetry)

“Resurgence” was one of the first poems that I wrote in high school that I felt was truly deserving of being published. In fact, it happened to win an award from poetry dot com, for what it’s worth. That’s pretty neat success for a poem written that long ago. It’s slightly tweaked but close enough […]

Lost in Love (Poetry)

Keep this with youNever lose it for meCan’t lose this love Whatever might be When tragedy strikesOnce and againThis cannot endMy best friend  Lost in loveWhirled aroundSpun downRound about Dizzy and disoriented Streets that don’t cross Yet go on endlesslyA concrete jungle maze It’s not the last trip By a long shotBut we’ve come upTo a dead stop If […]

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