Sometimes You Just Have To Put It All Out There

As someone who writes on so many different topics, it can sometimes be difficult to zero in on what I should write about the most. Writing about writing is only one of dozens of my “expert topics.” Over the years, I’ve written about gaming, home improvement, literature, social media, sports, and much more! I also write poetry. 

In a world where the pressure is to fit yourself into a single niche, it’s very hard for writers like myself to do that. Whenever I try to focus on just a single thing, it’s never really worked. I find it better for me to express all of my sides rather than force myself into dedicating myself to a single theme.

Niches Are Good, But They Aren’t For Everyone

That’s not to say that finding a niche and sticking to it is a bad thing. In fact, it can be extremely good to do just that! Targeting a certain niche certainly helps in finding a target audience for your content. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

But, then you find you want to write about something that ISN’T in your niche. So, you wonder what to do. Should I start a new blog? Or, should I just file it away? This is a dilemma I see so many writers struggling with on a daily basis.

My advice is to just put it all out there. If you want to write about it, go ahead! Once in a while, it’s OK to be a bit out of your niche. Or, if you’re like me, you already have somewhere to put it, another blog around certain topics. 

It’s long been my thinking that you should have one site with various sections. That way, those people who are interested in certain topics only have to look at the sections they want to! 

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin!

I see people creating several blogs, sometimes even DOZENS, just to be able to write about all the different things they want to cover. Not only is that time-consuming and exhausting, but it spreads you too thin. 

I say focus on your personal brand, find the niche that performs the best for you, and what YOU are most passionate about. Build your website primarily around that. Then, once you have established your own site, you can build pages that showcase your other topics you like to write about.

For example, if you’re a beauty blogger who also loves to travel, find which topic that drives YOU the most. Say that your beauty content performs better, but you really like to write the travel stuff more. Do both! 

Your brand can be primarily aimed at beauty, but you can still have travel content on a separate blog on the same site. People do this all the time, and it does just fine! In fact, having several different topics on your site actually helps because it draws in other audiences. Over time, you’ll find people that like both, and those are the keepers!

Focus On What YOU Love! BUT, Brand Around What Works!

Obviously, whatever you love the most will bring out your best effort. But, over time, you may find that one of your other pet topics does better in bringing in traffic and/or converting into revenue. 

Let’s go back to the beauty & travel example. You may have your heart set on travel, which is a pretty popular niche, but your beauty content tends to perform better. Fortunately, I’ve seen several bloggers successfully blend those two topics. You could come up with a theme like “Beauty on the Go!”  For example, beauty topics that have to do with going on holiday actually do quite well. 

Here’s another example. Say you’re a hardcore gamer, but you make your living selling real estate. These are two things that don’t seem to go together at all. So, you start two separate blogs, one for real estate and one for gaming. You put more time into the gaming blog, as that’s sort of your way to unwind after grinding out commissions week after week. But, despite posting on the real estate blog far less often, you’re getting tons of traffic and even have had some potential advertising opportunities!

This situation would lead you to feel torn. Should you abandon one and focus on the other? My advice is to definitely keep both. It may be even better to combine them into one self-hosted site. You brand around the more successful of the two, the real estate blog, but have the gaming blog easily accessible from there. 

Having a separate site and domain for the gaming blog may be OK. But, in my experience, you’re better off having a site that can accommodate both. If the gaming content gets to the point where it can become a money-maker, THEN it’s OK to give it its own site.

Basically, brand around what nets you the most revenue and traffic. But, always allow yourself to write about what you really love. You never know if may just surpass what worked for you before! The world is forever changing, as well as what people are most interested in. So, it’s very important to be adaptable!

Put It All Out There, With Writing and Everything Else You Do!

Sometimes, you just have to put it all out there. If you really can just go all out on a single topic, go for it! Just remember these few things:

  • Build your brand around what works
  • Focus on what YOU love!
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin!

This isn’t just the case with writing, either. It’s the same with artwork, vlogging, photography, or anything else you put your heart into. Don’t hold anything back that others may enjoy! Sure, you may not get a whole ton of views. But, if only a handful of people see it and love it, then it was worth putting out there.

You never know what may work in the long run, unless you try!

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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