Handwritten VS Digital Journals

amelia phoenix desertsong

It may be just me, but there is a certain thing that’s special about handwriting journals.

There’s a certain organic connection between hand, writing instrument, and paper that’s simply impossible to replicate. I suppose now with the tablet and stylus combination that you can approximate that action. But, it’s not quite the same relationship.

It’s far easier for me to write digitally. Still, I miss the days when notebooks were my best friend. I wouldn’t have dared open up a digital document in order to jot something down!

Perhaps this will date me somewhat, but I remember quite vividly when Dear Diaries were in every girl’s bedroom… waiting to be stolen by the nosy little brother or sister to learn their sibling’s deepest darkest secrets. For me, they were safe houses for all the little dirty things I never wanted anyone else to know.

Yeah, I had a lot of diaries. I threw a lot of them out, sadly… I was a troubled youth.

I never addressed my diary by name, though. That always seemed a bit silly to me. I certainly addressed entries; but, they were made out to actual people that actually existed within the confines of my daily life. Of course, I wrote things in these secret diary letters that I would’ve never actually said!

Maybe, one day, I will actually post some of the better passages of my handwritten scribblings. (At least, those I still have!) I don’t think many of them are good or there’s much worth publishing. Of course, I’ll do my usual polishing on anything that I post live. I am quite the perfectionist when it comes to prose! (And verse, actually.)

What do you prefer: handwritten or digital?

With great care and affection for my fellow scribblers…

~ Amelia <3

This post was recycled from my old as heck original blog, “The Prose Machine”

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