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The Paradox of Plenty: Navigating the Quicksand of Having Too Much Free Time

Our world often seems to be racing against the ticking clock. So for many, the notion of having too much free time might appear as a distant, almost utopian concept. Yet, as John Koenig astutely observes in his book “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” an abundance of free time can sometimes morph into a kind of […]

3 Things I Learned From the Lifehacker Book

Looking for some quick and easy life hacks you can apply today to make yourself more productive? I’d like to share what I’ve been learning from the book Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better, 3rd Edition, by Adam Pash and Gina Trapani. This edition of the Lifehacker book was written in June […]

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