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Was Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography Also a Self-Help Book?

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most pivotal figures in American history. He’s considered one of America’s “founding fathers,” as he made numerous contributions to early American society. In the 21st century, he’s most famous for being on the American one-hundred dollar bill. Still, many folks in this century have used Franklin’s life as a […]

How the Most Confident People Deal With Self-Doubt

Have you ever experienced self-doubt? If so, you’re not alone. The most confident people feel it, too, but they deal with it differently than others. Confidence often gets labeled as arrogance and sometimes self-assurance is confused with conceit. But, in order to push yourself forward, you’ve got to be confident about yourself and your abilities. […]

Self-Reflection Goes Beyond The Mirror

Self-Reflection is a major key to mastering self-improvement. By continually journaling and meditating over your daily successes and failures, you gain the ability to better recognize the areas in which you need the most improving. It takes constant effort to grow a little bit in each area every day. If you don’t self-reflect, you aren’t […]

Self-Expression is a Human Duty

Learning how to express one’s self is a human duty. I’ve long believed that it’s the duty of every human being to express one’s self in some meaningful way. Self-expression can take many forms, including through music, clothing, dance, or some other hobby. But, Self-Expression doesn’t have to come through writing or traditional art forms. […]

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