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Self-Reflection Goes Beyond The Mirror

Self-Reflection is a major key to mastering self-improvement. By continually journaling and meditating over your daily successes and failures, you gain the ability to better recognize the areas in which you need the most improving. It takes constant effort to grow a little bit in each area every day. If you don’t self-reflect, you aren’t […]

Self-Expression is a Human Duty

Learning how to express one’s self is a human duty. I’ve long believed that it’s the duty of every human being to express one’s self in some meaningful way. Self-expression can take many forms, including through music, clothing, dance, or some other hobby. But, Self-Expression doesn’t have to come through writing or traditional art forms. […]

Understanding and Working on Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is the ability to be aware of how and why you make particular choices in response to certain things. Learn your triggers and learn how to better react to certain situations or how to not react to them at all. You may not necessarily learn how to prevent whatever those triggers are, but instead […]

True Optimism Often Involves Getting Over One’s Self

Many things I’ve penned in the past had a pessimistic tinge to them. Honestly, though, many of these verses and essays I wrote were merely observations and meditations over present-day crises. Of these many crises is the inability for so many of us to get over ourselves and our own petty little problems. I’m not […]

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