Category: Motivational Articles

Motivational articles written by Amelia Phoenix Desertsong, focusing often on topics of self-improvement, productive thinking, and finding inspiration.

How Forever is Composed of Nows

One of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems, and I have so many, is one often referred to as “Forever” or Poem #690. I’ve always been particularly fond with her poems that deal with two of her favorite themes, time and mortality. But when it comes to the line “Forever – is composed of Nows,” that’s […]

How The Seeds of Flourishing YouTube Video Series Inspires Me to Expand My Intellectual Horizons

One long time Magic the Gathering content creator by the name of RJ, also known as flourishingmusic79 on YouTube, recently began a new series called “Seeds of Flourishing.” Naturally, since I was already subscribed to his channel, I found this a curious new direction for his channel to take. While he still does set musings […]

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