Do I Need SEO for My Website or Social Media Presence?

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Where are people looking to get more leads to their website or social media profiles in 2021? They rely more than ever on social media ads, influencer marketing, and YouTube videos. There’s a lot to be said for these marketing tactics and they can work well. In fact, they can work so well that many people have begun to ask “Who needs SEO?” 

Those with traditional websites are even wondering, “Do I need SEO for my website?” More often, many people don’t even have websites! They instead live on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Here’s the thing: everyone needs SEO! Yes, you do need SEO for your website, more than ever in fact with all the competition that there is. Even if you don’t have a website you STILL need SEO! Yes, you need SEO for YouTube, SEO for social media, and SEO for TikTok (yes, really). 

Also, if you sell products on an ecommerce platform like eBay and Etsy you need to optimize for their own search engines. In fact, SEO for eBay and SEO for Etsy are more important than ever with how competitive those marketplaces have become. 

So, if you are on ANY online platform where you want to be found, whether it’s a website, social media profile, or online marketplace, you need SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every online platform has its own internal search and makes suggestions to users. You need to know how to get your content suggested or found through that platform’s search, not just get found through Google. 

People think SEO is just for local businesses or big companies. But, SEO is for everybody. You need to understand SEO to get the most out of your online presence.

Of course, SEO is a bit different based on the platform that you use the most. Yes, most SEO is geared towards Google. This makes sense as Google takes up something like 95 percent of the search market. 

Sure, being able to rank on page one of Google for things people actually search for is a big deal. The thing is that you preferably need to show up in one of the top 3 spots for a given search term. Trying to do this is a good idea. But, this process can take time. It’s not easy to do if you want to grow your online presence quickly.

How Does SEO for my Social Media Presence Help Me?

There is one major difference with trying to rank for the first page of Google and optimizing for social media. If you create content on social media with relevant topics and optimize them for popular search terms, the results can be much, much quicker, and sometimes even instant!

People who make YouTube videos on a regular basis know that showing up well in search results or in suggested videos leads to success. Timely topics are especially important, as YouTube is treated much like a social channel. This is also true of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where trending topics will often take priority over others in news feeds.

But, many YouTubers don’t know that YouTube videos can also be optimized for Google search, too. After all, Google owns YouTube and is very motivated to show videos that relate to a search term highly in search – often within the first couple of search results. It can take time, but you can get long-term viewership with strong knowledge of how people search for various topics.

While SEO for YouTube makes sense, people often don’t think about how their other social media profiles – and even individual posts – can show up in Google search results. Facebook fan pages, tweets, and Pinterest pins constantly show up in search results. So, understanding SEO can allow people to find your social media profiles and posts on Google. 

Also, keep in mind that social media platforms have their own search engines. Often, they will have their own search suggestions with their search box just like Google. While they aren’t going to be as useful most of the time, do keep an eye on them. Watching these searches helps you know what people are actively talking about on that platform. Take full advantage of your profiles by using keyword phrases people actually search.

Do I Need to Hire an SEO Specialist to Help With My Search Rankings for Social Media?

While you can learn many of the basics of Search Engine Optimization on your own, there are some advantages to hiring an SEO specialist to help. Whether it’s a blog with hundreds of articles, a website with thousands of products, a YouTube channel, or social media profile, there are ways it can be improved. 

It’s best to do an SEO audit on all of your online profiles and sites at least once a year. An SEO specialist can help you make the most of the time spent on it. These audits will allow you to  analyze your strengths and weaknesses in search results. Then, you can learn how to better optimize your strengths and either rework or eliminate your content weaknesses.

The idea is to make sure that you have a search strategy. But, while you are planning out the overall strategy, start right away by applying your keyword research to your social media posts. Be aware of exactly how people word their searches and what particular related topics you could be sharing about.

Social media platform algorithms need your posts to get more engagement than ever to be seen by a wider audience. So, it’s important to be as relevant as possible. That’s why knowing the right keywords is so helpful. You help people find the information they are looking for more quickly and easily. Ideally, you’ll become the first place they look for a solution!

What Else Can an SEO Specialist Do For Me?

An SEO specialist can also help you build backlinks. While you could do this yourself, it’s the most time-consuming aspect of SEO. You need to be sure the backlinks come from the right high-authority sites with keyword-rich links. It’s one of the key parts of good SEO, but it’s also very time-consuming. It’s worth outsourcing your backlinks; just, be sure it’s a trusted ”white hat” SEO company.

The last thing an SEO specialist can do is be on standby any time you have something new to publish. Having an SEO expert on-call can be a huge benefit, as you can get your site and content ranked higher and more quickly. 

Yes, backlinks using the right keywords in the anchor text for links can help your social media profiles, YouTube videos, and more, too. Just dropping your social media profile link might work, but having links within an article’s text can be even more powerful in getting better search rankings!

Get Started with Learning How to Rank Higher in Search Engines Today!

Now you know some of the reasons why you should do SEO and do it right. In fact, with all of the free SEO tools available online now, you can start seeing where your search rankings are right now. An SEO expert will be able to point out where you’re already doing well and how you could do it better. 

As long as you’re writing and creating content for people and not the search engines, you’re off to a good start. But, keeping SEO best practices and an SEO specialist on call, Google will reward you even more so in time. 

Remember, SEO is a marathon. But, many people treat it like a race. That’s why many people think they don’t need SEO. How people are searching evolves every day. So, it’s worth investing what you can in SEO to stay one step ahead of your competition, and find the potential customers they’re missing out on.

What do you need help ranking for in search? 

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