Writing is Sexy Life Goals

Can you believe I am a bad writer? Yes, that is what I have been told by so many people. They do not give me the money. They are fail.

Lovelies, writing is sexy life goals! <3 

Self-expression is life. 

Self-expression is totally sexy. 

Self-expression is the ultimate content creator’s goals.

Yet, people have always judged me unfairly when it comes to written composition. I have been writing constantly since I was 4 years old. There comes a time when you finally say enough is enough, and I am not a bad writer.

I had so many teachers in elementary, junior high, and high school that told me my writing was going to take me places. They were so right. The problem is, those places were awful.

Can you believe I had multiple college professors and potential job suitors tell me to go back to school to become a better writer? Um, wow. They are fail.

The content mills are just absolutely ridiculous. I literally got a perfect dog food article rejected for not being “exactliest contents.” I totally wish I were joking. 

Because, in order to be the grammar, you must writer.

The #writerslife struggle is so real. Wow.

So, next time, someone says you are a bad writer, completely and utterly ignore them. Go become the most amazing writer ever by reading your sexy life goals in literature. Then self-publish a masterpiece about the Kitty Jesus, and you will win.

Praise the Lord!

You are all gorgeous content! I love you!

Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love <3

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