Writing An Hour of Content A Day Keeps the Blues Away

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There’s plenty of interesting writing advice on social media, some of it more useful than not. But, perhaps the best advice I’ve gotten is how it’s a good idea to block out at least an hour a day to write some content. More importantly, that hour doesn’t need to be all about writing a finished product. In fact, all you need to do is just make sure that you’re consistently writing something. 

It may be starting a new article, but it could also be writing a bunch of social media posts, or revising an existing piece. It could also be like what I do and open a document and ramble for three thousand words or so (yes, I really do that). If you’re really stuck on writing, just use the time to brainstorm some topic ideas. The trick is to create content, even if it’s not ready to post.

With three small children, scheduling an hour of your day can be extremely difficult. However, without actually realizing it, I did already. I’d spend at least half an hour a day in the morning working on an article. Then, I’d set aside at least another half hour to hour during the day to create social media updates.

While my content creation often happens in a very disorganized way, something does manage to get done most days. But, some days nothing really gets done. Scheduling content creation time like it’s a client meeting ensures that something gets done every day. Consistency breeds productivity.

By setting aside time, you can get yourself into more of a process. That way, when I feel like I have to have a ready-to-publish article right away, I can remind myself that it’s better to just pace myself.

Churning out a full article in the space of an hour may work for a few days’ stretch. But, then, I go days without anything since I’d get burned out. Then, when I go to write again, I have to start from scratch. But, if you always are creating content, you have something to start from every time you sit down.

Consistency Breeds Productivity

The trick is to stay consistent to train your brain to keep the content creation train chugging along. This is important for writers who run their own websites, those who do regular client work, and those who do both. Whether you decide to spend that time on client work or your own is up to you. The trick is to find a way to block out that time as an appointment, as otherwise the chaos of life will leave you with days where you create nothing at all. 

As a content creator, it’s good to create a flow for yourself, even if life does what it can to stop that from happening. You may find yourself able to get a lot more articles written in less time simply because you have more to work from every time you sit down. Keep in mind that writers have written entire books just by writing an hour a day. As long as you dedicate that time each day, you can become a much more successful writer and stay in a creative groove.

How do you set aside time to write each day? Or, like I’ve often been, do you just write on the fly when you get the chance? Writing on the fly is fine when inspiration strikes. But, having that hour a day can be really helpful to keep consistency. With any craft like writing, consistency is key. Beat writer’s block and always keep the writing gears turning.

~ Phoenix <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.

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  1. Yes. I blog every day, no matter what. I like just letting writing flow. Then, when I have to write for work, or something more structured, I’ve had my urge to just GO taken care of.

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