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Woodstock Middle Bridge, Covered Bridge in Woodstock, VT

One of the more charming things in Vermont is the many covered bridges dotted all over the landscape. While the Woodstock Middle Bridge in Woodstock, Vermont is not one of the best known covered bridge, it’s certainly one of the most charming and does have some historical significance. In fact, the Middle Bridge in Woodstock was the first public covered bridge built by the State of Vermont since 1889, and it was completed in July 1979 by builder Milton Graton. Thanks to being located along Union Street, it’s also sometimes referred to as the Union Street Bridge.

If you want to learn more about the 136-foot town lattice bridge, there’s actually about forty pages of text about the building process of the bridge in a book written by the builder Graton himself, called The Last of the Covered Bridge Builders.

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