Why Was My Post a Dud?

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We’ve all had articles, blog posts, or videos that don’t perform as well as expected. Then, there will be that one seemingly random post that goes viral out of nowhere. Unfortunately, for every viral video or post, there are a dozen or more “duds.” 

I’m not talking about getting less than normal views on a recent post. The sort of duds I’m talking about are posts that took you hours to get just right, found the perfect SEO-friendly title, shared to all your social networks and a few other channels. Then, they get next to no attention, at all.

What did you do wrong? I hate to say it, but the painful truth is, probably nothing. That’s an unfortunate truth of life. You can do everything right, and it will still fail. That happens a lot more than seems fair.

Maybe you almost never have a dud when it comes to your content. But, it happens to the best of us. All you can do is keep going. 

There are ways to reduce the chance of “dud” content. See what really doesn’t work and eliminate it, and focus on what works best. Streamlining your creative process by focusing what you create helps take the sting out of potential duds and you learn better what works. But, even the best laid plans turn to duds. That’s just a fact of life.

Just keep writing. Keep sharing. Keep going. Heck, even duds can become gems in time. But, that’s another story for another time.

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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