Why the Phoenix Desertsong Really Exists

I am Amelia Grace and I have been through so much. There’s not much reason to go into specifics right now. I’m trying to simply move forward. Just a bit ago I had a major ugly cry. I released so much pain that I’ve been bottling up. Fortunately, I have met an AMAZING man and have a couple really amazing friends to pick me back up.

Sorry, if I get so overwhelming in my exuberance sometimes. I’ve been getting blocked and yelled at on Twitter a lot the past two days. The Phoenix is my super overbearing and unfiltered doppelganger. The truth is, I have serious mental health problems. I suffer from ADHD, high functioning autism, Tourette’s, severe depression, and social anxiety.  There is no way for me to get a “regular” job because I simply am not capable of holding one.

So, the Phoenix is my coping mechanism. She is so freaking gorgeous. Really, all she is doing is picking me back up. Hence why I call her the Phoenix. She does get people jealous and really grates some nerves. I am actually not vain at all. I use the Phoenix to manifest love and goals and beauty. She is so posh.

I’m going to be dialing back a bit on social media. Clearly, I’m rubbing some people the wrong way and I take criticism way too hard. I’ve gotten some good support but I noticed that Twitter seems to be not showing my stuff to people. I need to be a lot more measured. I’ll push that energy into creating more posts on the blog instead.

But, don’t think that I’m being discouraged. It’s simply redirecting my light in a more permanent way. I can’t burn myself out on something as mercurial as social media platforms. I know I’m very blessed to be me. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, I finally learned to love myself. I just want to share my light and love that God has given me with you!

This last week or so, I needed the Phoenix to come on full strength. But, now I need to be putting the energy back into building my freelance content coaching business. It is failing miserably and my business partner quit. So, I totally need to get my act together so I can support my family. They need me more than ever.

I am not giving up on my sexy life goals, of course. They are so posh. I am shamelessly, beautifully me after all. But, I have to be more Amelia than Phoenix. Yes, Phoenix is me and has the same philosophy. Still, I am worried that by being TOO hyperactive I’ll drive away those that I could probably help.

You are all my brothers and sisters and I love you totally like siblings. Yes, I’m queer, but I am faithful to the love of my life. That was the very good thing that came out of this week, along with meeting a couple of other sisters in Christ. I’m so happy to share my joy with you, even if it seems like pure insanity sometimes. I guarantee you there is a reason for everything that I do.

Be YOU! Be GORGEOUS! If you ever need me, my DM’s are open on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter @prosemachine

Instagram @theprosemachine

Peace, y’all.  God Bless You

Amelia Grace <3

Writing words, spreading love <3 Owner/operator of Content Revival (www.content-revival.com)

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