Why Do We Care That Kendall Jenner is Dating Devin Booker?

While I’ve certainly written celebrity themed content in the past, long ago, I promised myself that I would never stoop to writing celebrity content for the sake of being trendy. That is, at least as it pertained to celebrities that I didn’t actually care about. 

But, as a longtime blogger who long kept abreast of search trends, I decided upon learning the current answer to a trending search question that perhaps it was well past time to try my hand at becoming a pop culture historian of sorts.

I would be remiss to ignore such low hanging fruit as a question like “Who is Kendall Jenner dating” when the answer involves a basketball star that I actually do have some interest in writing about.

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, as I’m writing this piece on the first day of summer 2021, it was officially revealed that Kendall Jenner is dating basketball player NBA star Devin Booker. 

This wasn’t exactly news as rumors had persisted about their relationship being serious for some time, but now the rumors have been confirmed. 

OK, why do I even care to write about this? Going into producing this, I knew full well going into this that this information could become laughably out of date within weeks or months from the publication of this post. Still, I was willing to take that risk knowing that I needed to better understand why this is such a current events phenomenon to put my own mind at some sort of ease. What better way than to write an article and produce some findings worth sharing with the general public?

Yes, I am aware that this article is sort of click bait. I’d be outright lying to you if I didn’t hope that lead-in would bring me oodles of traffic.  But, honestly, my interest here is in the basketball player Devin Booker, more so than the model Kendall Jenner. I guarantee you that I am not at all alone in feeling this way. After all, I’ve never understood the appeal of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and frankly I never will. That being said I do completely understand the appeal of Kendall Jenner as an attractive woman, although I wouldn’t say she’s quite my type.

On the other hand, the 24 year old shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns is infinitely more interesting to me than the famous model having a thing for basketball players. Why Kendall Jenner having a clear “type” is newsworthy baffles me. People like who they like after all. Still, hey, most of us are suckers for romance, especially when the names of those involved are familiar to us. 

Honestly, I feel like who celebrities are romantically involved with shouldn’t matter. Remember, in 2021, celebrities are literally just people like us who get Googled a bunch for one reason or another. Seriously, I’m happy for Kendall and Devin, and I have no other real comment on their relationship other than I hope it works out for them. My motivation for even producing this content is to explore the “why” for this coupling even being newsworthy. Really, I could’ve chosen news concerning any celebrity coupling for that matter – and I had a fair share of choices – but this is the one I happened to choose.

Actually, I can tell you exactly why this was newsworthy: it was meant to stay private. It turns out Devin is actually a fairly private person, and it took a whole year for the entire truth of the relationship to come out. Let’s be frank: in today’s rabid celebrity paparazzi world, that is an accomplishment. Of course, people knew about it, and it’s not like the mystery was that riveting anyway. Still, that’s celebrity love stories in the internet age for you.

From a historical perspective, what’s much more interesting to me is that this news comes on the heels of big NBA news. In Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals of the NBA playoffs, Devin Booker recorded his first career triple-double – that’s double digits in points, rebounds, and assists – in a Suns win against the Los Angeles Clippers. The win comes in spite of the Suns missing their veteran superstar Chris Paul. Now, that’s news.

I highly doubt that Devin Booker having a career night on a nationally televised basketball game and the official news release of the seriousness of this coupling with Kendall Jenner is a coincidence. It’s thanks to the massive media machine we’ve all just sort of taken for granted in our information age. What’s perhaps most newsworthy here to me is that this typically very serious blogger and creative nonfiction writer actually lost sleep thanks to feeling a strong need to even write significant verbiage on this topic.

We will look back on this article ten years from now, perhaps, with either great historical interest or rather quizzical disdain. That is for history to inevitably decide. As for Kendall and Devin, I actually kind of hope their coupling lasts for quite awhile longer, because otherwise, this article will look really irrelevant in years to come. Not that I care. It’s all for the sake of my first serious foray into recording some pop culture history somewhat relevant to me. After all, I grew up a sports nut, and Devin Booker deserves all the congratulations he can get for a great game!

Photo: Stuart Weitzman Fall 2019 Campaign Starring Kendall Jenner shot at LightSpace Studios Los Angeles. Credit: Lightspace Studios, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license

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