When You Wake (Poetry)

The stars light up in your eyes

As you rise from a long night’s sleep

Foggy vision as you step to the mirror

And ponder your beautiful reflection

Sometimes you wonder if you are

The only one to know the inside

It’s never simple to see the real

You wonder if you’re really awake

Cause everybody’s moving too fast

You can’t seem to catch up

You’re always stuck in the past

Dragging your feet along

Trying to play along alright

Worried you’ll wake up too late

Have you missed your sunrise?

The stars blanket your sky

Even when they’re not to be seen

You’re a spectacle by night

As you dance to the unheard tune

Your grace is unseen by the masses

And no one’s there when you wake

February 9, 2006

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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