What’s An Alan Trammell Baseball Card Worth?

Like most baseball players, Alan Trammell’s rookie cards are his most valuable baseball cards. In fact, Alan Trammell has two baseball cards with a lot of value. His most expensive rookie card is the 1980 Topps Rookie Stars #707 that he shares with fellow Hall-of-Famer Paul Molitor!

Trammell and Molitor share the Rookie Stars card with U.L. Washington of the Royals and Mickey Klutts of the Yankees. U.L. Washington had a couple of good years with the Kansas City Royals and had an above average glove. Mickey Klutts didn’t do much in the majors. But, because Trammell shares his rookie card with Molitor, this card has sold for $700 to $800 when graded a PSA 9 Mint! Fortunately, if that’s a bit out of your budget, there are SGC 8.5 and PSA 8 Near-Mint copies available for under $200 as of February 2019.

Alan Trammell’s other rookie card was the 1978 Burger King release. It was sort of an oddball issue with a strange checklist and often plagued by centering issues. But if you find a well-centered version graded a PSA 9, you’ll expect to pay over $250! You can find excellent condition raw copies for $20 to $30, however, and sometimes even lower. Both Alan Trammell rookie cards have plenty of value and are worth adding to any baseball card collection.

Updated 2/28/19

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