What is a Danny Tartabull Baseball Card Worth?


Danny Tartabull was a valuable slugger for a number of Major League Baseball teams in the 1980’s and 1990’s. For this reason, Tartabull was a popular target for baseball card collectors. He is also the son of former MLB player, Jose Tartabull, a journeyman outfielder and pinch hitter. Despite playing in more than 138 games in a season only twice, Danny put up some very nice numbers on offense. The young Tartabull had only one truly bad season in 1995, and a monster season in 1991.

Although he began with Seattle, much of his career was spent with the Kansas City Royals and the New York Yankees. Because he wasn’t great on defense, he was primarily a designated hitter, which limited his overall career value. Nevertheless, Danny put together a solid career with solid HR and RBI numbers worthy of attention from baseball card collectors.

Unlike some popular minor star players from the mid-80’s to mid-90’s, Danny Tartabull has some baseball cards worth money. This is because his career ended around the time when short-print subsets became popular in the sports card industry. So, there are a number of Danny Tartabull baseball cards carrying some decent price tags.

There are several rookie cards for Danny Tartabull, but the only one worth more than $1 is the 1985 Fleer Prospects #647 card that he shares with the Oakland A’s Steve Kiefer. While Kiefer didn’t have much of a career, this is the rarest full print-run rookie card of Tartabull.

One of the best Danny Tartabull baseball cards is the 1997 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection Row 2 #94 Danny Tartabull numbered to only 100 copies! While I wouldn’t call it the “holy grail” of Danny Tartabull baseball cards, it’s close.

There is also the 1993 Topps Finest Refractor #167, which is a very shiny nice looking card. The non-refractor version is worth about a tenth of the refractor version, but is still a great Danny Tartabull baseball card.

Other rare Danny Tartabull baseball cards with value include:

  • 1982 TCMA Minor League #472 – great pre-rookie card!
  • 1994 Upper Deck SP Die-Cut #200 – back when die-cut cards were a thing…
  • 1995 Select Artist Proof Baseball Card #9
  • 1996 Pinnacle Aficionado Artist’s Proof #33
  • 1997 Pacific Silver #63 Danny Tartabull
  • 1997 Donruss Gold Press Proofs #97 Danny Tartabull
  • 2012 Leaf Memories – 1990 Leaf Buy Back – Silver Foil #99 – #/20

Also, many Danny Tartabull autographed baseball cards can fetch $20 or more.

Whose sports cards did you used to collect, or still collect today?

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