What Gets Me on A Roll With Writing?

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I tend to write in bursts. So, I’m terrible at being creative on a schedule. Is it even possible to be creative on a schedule? That’s never been a real thing to me. I just create what I can whenever I do. 

There’s nothing really inherently wrong with that. That’s why I don’t want to have any expectations tied to my creative work. Otherwise, I find some excuse as to why I fell short. My own expectations are rough enough. I don’t need someone on top of that asking me if I’ll have something ready by so-and-so date and time. That’s why I’m so personal and often private about my creative work.

I’ve always been reluctant to call myself a “poet” by occupation. Of course, this title has been thrust upon me after writing hundreds of poems and publishing many of them online. The reason why I don’t advertise myself as a poet, then? If you’re a “poet,” people will ask you, hey, can you write a poem about so-and-so? Can you come up with some corny verses about such-and-such? Not only do I find that demeaning, but I’m not an “on-demand” poet. Some people will try that crap for a little extra cash, but that is way not for me. 

Usually, I’ll just be laying or sitting around when a verse pops into my head. In fact, sometimes, I’ll write three to five poems at a time. I’ve written as many as ten in a sitting! My record is probably a dozen poems in a day, but I’m really not keeping track. Heck, if I were that prolific, I’d be a millionaire right now just self-publishing little collections and selling them for a dollar or two a piece. Alas, I’m not. I don’t really care if my poems make me a cent, anyway.

The problem is I do care if some of my more serious writing earns nothing. Sometimes, my only motivation to write about certain topics is financial benefit. I’ve been fortunate enough to get on rolls with assignments most of the time. Even if I’m uninspired to begin with, I can usually run with an idea. But, when I have to force it, well, you can imagine how it turns out. 

So, what gets me on a roll with writing? It takes just a thought. But, it has to be the right thought. There’s really no secret sauce or anything like that. You just run with the right idea when it comes. If you get a lot of ideas in one day, okay, well, just go ahead and get them down.

It’s often suggested to not batch too much writing together. But, if you’re writing stuff that’s going to be just as relevant ten years down the line as it is now, go right ahead and get it written. Some people work better on schedules than others. There’s no right or wrong way to write, so long as you find what works for you.

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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