Understanding and Working on Self-Awareness

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Self-Awareness is the ability to be aware of how and why you make particular choices in response to certain things. Learn your triggers and learn how to better react to certain situations or how to not react to them at all. You may not necessarily learn how to prevent whatever those triggers are, but instead learn how to change your response to them.

What does it mean to work on Self-Awareness? You need to learn to better understand not just your negative triggers, but also what you react to positively. It’s all about figuring out how to balance yourself in a way that you can have a cool approach to everything.

Self-Awareness Begins With Tempering Expectations

Believe it or not, you can actually react too positively to something. Many times in my life I have looked forward to a particular event. It may be a new TV show being aired or some big new project being given to me that can net me lots of money.

Sometimes, that show ends up being a let-down and then you react quite negatively to that disappointment. I’m fairly picky in what I watch anyway, so my disappointment is usually kept to a minimum. But, some people really get bent out of shape when their expectations are let down. Fortunately, I tend to keep my expectations of television shows and movies to a minimum, anyway.

For example, I’ll go into a film without many preconceptions, which is why I tend to avoid reviews before actually viewing anything. I especially avoid spoilers – not that they’ll necessarily ruin the viewing experience for me. But then, I’ll go into the viewing with more precise expectations than I would have otherwise.

Understanding how you handle expectations is one of the first things to do when working on your self-awareness skills. Of course, there are much bigger expectations to temper – such as a new job, a new relationship, or another major life event. So, how do we better work on handling our expectations?

Understand Your Circumstances, Then Put Them in the Correct Perspective

As a freelance writer for some time, I can tell you you’re going to have projects fall through for one reason or another. These days, the only expectation I have with a project is that it will pay me money. I’ve taken far less than I should in rate pay oftentimes just to get work. Unfortunately, that often leaves me feeling like I’m giving away more of myself than I should.

Thing is, if I’m so aware I’m short-changing myself, then why do I do it? It’s because I’ve long had the expectation that if I ask too much, I won’t get the project. If I ask too little, people will wonder why I’m doing it so cheaply and have a similar reaction.

I’ve had plenty of past experiences where work was offered, but I either mulled over it too long or I didn’t really offer much enthusiasm. In all those cases, I lost the work. Of course, the money wasn’t enough, anyway, so I can’t regret it.

You learn in working freelance, the more time-consuming the project is, the more profitable it can end up being. The problem is, people want to pay me a low hourly rate. Honestly, I’d prefer a flat rate, but people want to pretend you’re a wage-earning employee more often than not. It is what it is.

At least I’m aware of how I handle a particular situation – whether I’m being realistic or not with my expectations. Obviously, I can’t bank on a single opportunity going through. But, pickings can be so slim. For example, the autumn months tend to be the slow season for freelance content work, until the holiday season really picks up.

But, I digress, and I’m getting a bit off track. That leads into the next point I have to talk about when it comes to self-awareness!

Being Aware When Things Are Getting Off-Track

I have a terrible tendency to get off-track. But, at least I’m aware that I get distracted and off-topic from time to time. Sometimes, especially in the freelance world, it’s easy to get off-track when work that you’re expecting to come in simply doesn’t realize itself.

Remember, you don’t always win. That’s just how life goes – you win some and you lose some. Being aware of how you deal with failure is extremely important. You need to learn from it, not let it drag you down and keep you drifting off-track.

It’s important to focus on the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of decision making. Then, build your understanding of how aware you are of these things. How have you made decisions today? Have they been decided more from the heart or from your head? Or, did you do something just because you needed a lift or release?

For me, my greatest lift and release is writing. It’s the best way for me to recover my emotional, mental, and spiritual energy on a daily basis. For others, the activities may vary, but staying balanced and charged is key to keeping your self-awareness sharp.

You may think your life is incredibly boring and uninteresting. But, the more self-aware you become, you will always find something that you were not aware of with yourself before.

We are each more important to the rest of the world than we realize most of the time. Once you become aware of your power and presence in this world, you can begin to not only improve yourself, but help to improve the lives of those around you, as well!

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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