Top Websites for Postcard Collecting Enthusiasts

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Postcard collecting, also known as “deltiology,” is a fascinating hobby that has captivated enthusiasts for decades. Thanks to the Internet, collectors can access a wealth of resources, interact with fellow hobbyists, and even purchase rare and valuable postcards from around the world. Here we explore some of the top websites for postcard collecting enthusiasts, a comprehensive guide to resources which can help you enhance your collection and connect with other deltiologists.


Postcrossing is a unique platform that connects postcard collectors globally. By signing up, you can exchange postcards with other users from around the world, helping you grow your collection and learn about different cultures. Postcrossing also hosts forums where collectors can discuss their favorite postcards, share tips, and even organize meetups.


Delcampe is an online marketplace that specializes in the sale of collectibles, including postcards. With over one million postcard listings from sellers around the world, you are sure to find rare and unique additions for your collection. The website also offers advanced search options, allowing you to filter your search by themes, countries, or even specific postcard publishers.


Playle’s offers a postcard database, which can be a valuable resource for identifying and dating your postcards. With a focus on vintage postcards, this website is a treasure trove for collectors looking for older, rare, or unique items. When it launched in 1997, it was a dedicated postcard auction site. But on December 31, 2020, the auction house side closed down. Fortunately, the database remains as a great resource.

The Postcard Traders Association

The Postcard Traders Association is a UK-based organization that aims to promote postcard collecting and provide resources for enthusiasts. They feature a directory of postcard dealers, a calendar of upcoming postcard fairs and events, and articles on postcard collecting. Although its focus is primarily UK, the resources can be useful for collectors worldwide.

Metropolitan Postcard Club

The Metropolitan Postcard Club is a New York-based organization that offers resources and networking opportunities for postcard collectors. Their website features an extensive archive of articles on postcard history, production, and collecting tips. They also host a biannual postcard show in New York City, which is one of the largest events of its kind.

The Postal Museum Postcard Collection

The Postal Museum in London, UK has curated over sixty thousand objects and thousands of records which detail 500 years of postal history. One of their collections contains thousands of old postcards. On their website’s highlighted postcard collection section, you can explore the history of postcards in the UK postal service.

Whether you’re a seasoned postcard collector or a newcomer to postcard collecting, these top websites provide invaluable resources. You can boost your knowledge of postcard history, networking opportunities with fellow enthusiasts, and access to rare, unique postcards to grow your collection in exciting and diverse ways. Happy collecting!

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