The Top 20 Magic the Gathering Card Reviews on The Phoenix Desertsong

Necroduality Artwork

At one time, Magic the Gathering card reviews were my most successful and profitable content niche. It’s funny, as I started them purely for fun when I returned to Magic the Gathering during the New Phyrexia set prerelease. My first ever Magic card review was Urabrask the Hidden, which I plan to revisit thanks to Urabrask finally getting some love in 2023. In fact, Urabrask 2.0 will be my last Magic the Gathering card review I ever write. It won’t be the last MTG article, just the final one in that particular format. I’m leaning now towards retrospectives and deep-dives on deck archetypes and set designs.

However, after filtering through my archive of over a thousand reviews, there are currently about 200 Magic the Gathering card reviews on The Phoenix Desertsong, with another few hundred that will filter onto the site over time from my archive. They still garner enough interest, although those that flounder in views over the next year or so will likely be purged and permanently archived offline. I don’t ever want my website to be focused entirely on MTG, after all. (Pokemon is my number one topic now, anyway.) However, the articles on this Top 20 list, and many others below it, are probably safe for years to come.

These articles are ordered in terms of views (according to Jetpack Site Stats) over the life of their existence on The Phoenix Desertsong, although some of these were extremely popular when they were originally posted elsewhere.

Top 20 list as of 9/22/2022

  1. Necroduality
  2. Kaito Shizuki
  3. Juzam Djinn
  4. Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos
  5. Deflecting Palm
  6. Cemetery Protector
  7. Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider
  8. Calamity Bearer
  9. Hallowed Haunting
  10. Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa
  11. Esika’s Chariot
  12. Chandra, Dressed to Kill
  13. Midnight Guard / Presence of Gond
  14. Dorothea, Vengeful Victim
  15. Araumi of the Dead Tide
  16. Alchemist’s Gambit
  17. Toski, Bearer of Secrets
  18. Dusk Stalker
  19. Satoru Umezawa
  20. Atsushi the Blazing Sky

These rankings are going to be a bit off because at one point in 2021, I actually deleted all of my gaming articles from the Phoenix Desertsong. Fortunately, I immediately realized what a stupid mistake that was within a fairly short time and restored them; naturally, the views they gained are no longer tied to their current postings.

Some interesting trends here: Kaldheim and Kamigawa Neon Dynasty reviews dominate this list, as that’s when I started truly writing Magic card reviews again. Nowadays, I’ve steered away from writing new MTG content, with most of what’s being posted now being edits of old previously posted articles from years back on other sites I’ve had. However, I’m impressed just how well an Arabian Nights card like Juzam Djinn has held up in search over time, as well as Deflecting Palm, which is basically only a sideboard card in some Modern decks.

While I’m certainly going to still write about Magic the Gathering on occasion, it won’t be in the same card review format. It’s a chapter of my life that served me well, especially with passive income from affiliate programs that I’m no longer a part of anymore. But, now, Magic card reviews are in my rear view mirror, and my future MTG content will be retrospectives rather than dry strategic or financially minded articles.

I do plan to do a number of retrospectives over the next few years, based on search interest and my own personal interest in them. What are your favorite Magic the Gathering cards?

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