The Philosopher (Poetry)

This is a revised version of a poem called “The Philosopher” that I wrote around the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election, a bit of satire about the “red vs blue” fanaticism running amok at the time. It wasn’t well-received at the time and in its original form was a bit clunky. Still, I felt it deserved a second chance, so I streamlined and published it for you all to enjoy. 

“The Philosopher” (Redux)

O good philosopher 
There’s a little question I’ve had
I’ve been wondering how it’s possible
That an average girl like me 

Goes and has everything go bad?

This morning in my car
I was listening to my favorite song
Heading to work, only to be stopped by a throng.
Holding rather huge signs

They read “Vote for Me, for Me.”

It was for the president, I’m afraid
Not the candidate of my selection
My good philosopher, it seems everyone 
Has gone mad about this election

I’m just on to my way to work
And I’m stopped by this collection
Of mad men and women
Fanatically politically inclined

I became quite annoyed
With this roadblock they’d designed
Wondering, where are the police 
This morning on Highway 28?

I began to think, maybe 
They’re only targeting me
But, I spoke to one of them
One of the saner ones, I’m sure

As it turns out, 
They were supposed 
To get off on Rt. 24

At a place known as the Oak Tree inn
But, their bus driver 
Became tired of their 
Constant bickering and snickering

For he was the only on the bus 
Who for their candidate 
Wouldn’t vote

The driver became quite livid
In a sea of morons he was afloat
He had to drop them off now
Here in the middle of nowhere 

Perhaps hopefully to delay their vote
Because today is the day
I couldn’t get to work today
As the crowd only got larger

So I hung my head, and turned around
Only to see and moan
That the traffic was held up behind me
All talking on their cell phones

“Hey, honey, hey, sweetie,” 
They were saying, or something to that effect.
“There’s a crowd of mad political fanatics, you see, 
Today’s plans this will sadly affect.”

Now why don’t we turn around? 
You may ask, well, 
That will have no effect

Because there’s an equal crowd of fanatics 
Right behind us I’ll bet

And woe, were the cell phoners correct
The fanatics were stopping us all
So I said, leaving my car, forget work,
I’ll just go to the mall

And then I thought, I’d visit you my friend,
Good old philosopher
Come to ask you for your opinion
What advice can you offer?

“I dunno, vote for the other guy.”

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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