The Imperfection of Memory

There are so many things that I simply don’t remember well. For whatever reason, there are a lot of good memories that I try to recall, but I can’t recall certain details. It drives me crazy. The bad stuff always sticks more in your memory than the good. I’ve always hated that bit about the human mind.

What I do seem to remember very well, though, is my creative stuff. I can remember characters, stories, and situations I came up with when I was five or six years old. In fact, I still use elements from my early childhood creative efforts in my creative work today.

But, one of the reasons I rarely have written auto-biographically is that my short-term memory is usually really bad. Also, as good as it is, my long-term memory is often colored with certain lenses that don’t allow me to see certain memories very clearly. 

There are plenty of auto-biographical things I would like to share, but because of my lack of accurate memory, they would be closer to fiction than truth. So, they would simply be creative writing pieces and not what I’m actually aiming for in sharing my truth. And, for whatever reason, I feel that I’m doing a disservice to truth by taking the artistic license that I would inevitably take.

I am constantly growing as a writer, as we all are every day as human beings. Still, I’ve never been that comfortable with talking about myself. That is something I seem to be out-growing, fortunately. 

Still, if I try to write something auto-biographical, I have to be sure that it doesn’t become merely a work of fiction with the names changed to protect the innocents. Of course, my fiction is very much based on actual facts, but very much altered for entertainment purposes.

Despite my early college training, I am not a historian. I learned that a long time ago. I love to exaggerate far too often, sometimes too often for my own good.

I also tend to ramble, and with that, I will close only with this: The imperfection of memory is probably both the best thing and worst thing about being human.

~ Amelia <3

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