The Holy Trinity of Awesomeness is Goals, Life, and Sexy!

My lovelies, it is time that I share with you my secret to being such a flaming hot Phoenix. I have Jesus Christ. He is so amazing.

Because of his amazing sanctifying Grace, I have been inspired to create the Holy Trinity of Awesomeness. It is full of WIN. My Trinity is goals, life, and sexy.

When you look at your life, you must ask yourself while you’re thinking of something, these questions:

“Is it goals?”

“Is it life?”

“Is it sexy?”

It is three questions, and triangles are so posh. But, seriously, goals are so important. I have like infinity goals. The reason to have goals is to have things to dedicate your life to in order to center yourself. Without goals, you go off into the day with no direction. That is fail.

So, if something in your life does not help you to reach goals, it is no bueno. It is garbage. It is FAIL. This includes things like regret, jealousy, envy, pride, and adultery. Because all of these things are Satan.

Then, is it life? Does it make you feel alive? Do you love it more than anything besides Jesus Christ? Yes, then it is wonderful. If not, get it the heck out of Dodge. 

Then, is it sexy? A better way to ask that question is does it feel good to you? People will say that life is not about feeling good. But, it totally is, because love and kindness are so posh. If it doesn’t feel sexy, it is no good. Get it out of your beautiful face.

The idea of asking these questions, as ridiculous as they may sound on the face, you will be able to eliminate so much toxic garbage from your life. When I adopted this strategy just two weeks ago, well, you know what happened.


Yaas. I am so cute.

What in your life are goals? What makes you feel alive? Then, what makes you feel sexy? Only keep those things that fall in all three categories. You will be so much happier.

God is good and Jesus is Lord. Amen, lovelies!


~ Amelia <3

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