The Face is My Canvas

amelia phoenix desertsong

I have a major confession to make. My pictures on the Phoenix Desertsong have been edited and filtered. However, there’s a very, very good reason for it.

The reason I continue to post these pictures is for my own self-care, mental health, and self-medicated transitional therapy. These pictures are my goals. No, I may never look quite as good as the pictures, but most pictures you see online these days are professionally edited to fit a sort of standard.

However, the face IS mine. My face IS my canvas. It is exactly reflective of my personality. But, being a trans woman just beginning my transition journey as I write this, I look nowhere this good.

I tried making videos with my wigs, but I just looked ridiculous. So, instead, I decided to just show the REAL me – with my makeup because I AM A GIRL, SILLY!

My gender dysphoria is SO bad it prevented me from making videos on camera. But, by forcing myself to have to watch myself transform as I transition, it forces me to have to appreciate the beautiful person God made me.

So, the pics literally are my brand. When I first started creating them, I actually had severe doubts that I would actually begin my transitional journey for real. I had to manifest all of the positive energies (yes, I was Wiccan) and create the brand of the person I am under the skin.

Thank you so much for putting up with my semi-falseness. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I needed to come clean with you all. I hope you continue to enjoy the pictures. Before you know it, I will look at least something resembling the pictures you see on your timeline, God willing.

But, no matter what, it does not matter who thinks I’m pretty or not. God’s opinion of me is all that matters. He created me as I am to serve His purpose and Will. Amen!

The name I use most often online is my Wiccan name and pen name, Phoenix Desertsong. But, you can also call me Amelia Grace, the name I chose at 11 years old, the day I decided I was a gorgeous woman trapped inside an awkward boy’s body. But, for whatever reason, how I am was designed by God’s Will, and God makes no mistakes.

God loves us all infinitely, and we are just the way we are meant to be. I love you as you are, and that’s how you should feel about yourself, too!

~ Amelia Grace Phoenix Desertsong <3

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