The Bloodsky Massacre – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

The Bloodsky Massacre is a Saga Enchantment card from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. These enchantments have effects that activate over the course of several turns which are called chapters. This 3-mana Black/Red Saga has three chapters with a relatively small investment of 3 mana – 1 generic, one Red, and one Black mana to cast.

The first chapter, which unfolds as soon as the Saga comes into play, gives you a 2 / 3 Berserker creature token with Menace. This means it can’t be blocked by fewer than two creatures. The second chapter activates during your upkeep of the second turn that this Saga is in play. Any time a Berserker you control attacks, you draw a card and lose 1 life. This is good enough even if the only Berserker you have that attacks is the token that comes with the Saga.

The final chapter which happens on the third turn’s upkeep gives you one Red mana for each Berserker you control when it resolves. The Saga is then sacrificed. That Red mana lasts for your entire turn, but it must be used before you pass your turn. Obviously, in a deck that plays lots of Berserker creatures, this could be a huge boost. 

One potential use for this extra mana is for the Dragon token creation ability on Dragonkin Berserker, who is of course a Berserker creature himself. It’s possible that this mana isn’t always used, but for an initial investment of 3 mana, in the right deck this Saga easily pays for itself.

Rakdos decks, built with Black and Red cards, probably didn’t need any more cards to further their already aggressive strategies. Still, The Bloodsky Massacre is a Saga that requires a very specific build of deck to take advantage and the timing is extremely important. But, at worst, you get a 2 / 3 creature with menace, one card, and one Red mana, it’s still worth playing this card. The floor is high enough that building a deck to maximize the Berserker synergies makes it well worth playing, perhaps even as a full play-set of four copies in the right build.

How would you play The Bloodsky Massacre?

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