The Best Vermont Blogs (July 2023)

While Tom and I have lived in Vermont since September 2020, we haven’t really dug into finding local Vermont blogs. We have our personal sites – The Phoenix Desertsong and – but neither are super focused on Vermont, although our state is mentioned often, especially in our photography posts. So, as one of the missions of Obscure Curiosities is to promote the weirdness of Vermont, I’ve decided to compile this resource for the best blogs in Vermont.

Of course, it wouldn’t be one of my articles if I didn’t do significant keyword research first. It turns out not a ton of people search for Vermont blogs. But when they do, these seem to be the topics people are looking for:

  • Vermont food blog
  • Vermont gardening blog
  • Vermont homestead blog
  • Vermont mom blog
  • Vermont ski blog
  • Vermont weather blog
  • Vermont vacation blog
  • Vermont wedding blogs

So, let’s take a look at these topics, as well as other interesting Vermont blogs that I’ve found. If you notice one of your favorite Vermont blogs are missing, please comment below and let us know so we can check it out. 

What is the Best Vermont Food Blog?

As of July 2023, Feedspot lists 15 of the best Vermont food blogs and websites. Unfortunately, some of them aren’t even based in Vermont. But, these are some of the best blogs that Feedspot does offer us. 

Healthy Seasonal Recipes appears to be the premier food blog in Vermont. Run by classically trained chef Katie Webster, she lives with her husband on a dead end dirt road in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Her mission is to “make cooking with locally sourced seasonal ingredients easy and fun for busy families.” The site has performed well enough to have four other contributors, two of whom are based in Vermont. 

Adamant Kitchen is run by Ashley, sharing “exotic meals from a tiny Vermont kitchen.” Sadly, I don’t think many of these recipes are easily adapted to my milk-free dietary requirements, but they sound delicious!

Dig In Vermont  covers local restaurants, farmers markets, fairs, and festivals in the state. It’s perfect for those who are into the Vermont foodie scene.

Hungry Enough to Eat Six is a food blog based in Burlington, Vermont. It’s run by Nancy Mock, offering “comfort food and baking inspiration, through recipes, photography, and story.”

Teeny Tiny Kitchen is run out of a small Northern Vermont kitchen focusing on “homemade meals and a love of local ingredients.” There are quite a few veggie recipes here, including one for Vegetarian Stuffed Tomatoes, although I need a replacement for the parmesan cheese.

The Vermont Food Bank Blog is one I can be partial to because it has veggie recipes. Although I do eat some meats, I spent years cooking vegan meals, so I really appreciate the inspiration. There’s also information about food assistance here, of course. 

If you’re into the weeds for the state of agriculture in Vermont, the State of Vermont has a blog for their Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets. It seems to be updated at least twice monthly. 

The Vermont Fresh Network is a network of Vermont chefs, farmers, food artisans, and diners, if you’re into the food industry side of things in the state. 

Sadly, the rest of the blogs on Feedspot either aren’t updated any more or are simply content on business websites.

What is the Best Vermont Gardening Blog?

A couple of the top results are either not proper Vermont gardening blogs or haven’t been updated recently. Again, using Feedspot as a guide, let’s try to find some good gardening blogs for the Green Mountain State.

The Garden at 485 Elm is run by a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont. It’s updated fairly regularly with a wide range of gardening topics!

Vermont Home Gardener is updated about monthly with sustainable organic home gardening tips. 

The Vermont Garden Network doesn’t really update their blog regularly anymore, but it has lots of how-to resources worth checking out.

Red Wagon Plants is a local gardening company who just began selling some of their store’s products online in 2023. Their blog has lots of useful information and appears to be updated at least twice per month.

The Vermont Gardener is the blog for the Vermont Flower Farm in Marshfield, Vermont. It’s not updated much anymore, but the archives seem to be full of some good topics worth reading.

Montpelier Agway has a blog but it seems pretty basic, with very short general articles on various agricultural and lawn care topics. Middlebury Agway has a much more impressive blog that even has pet related articles!

The others I found haven’t been updated in over a year. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more.

What is the Best Vermont Homesteading Blog?

Thanks to Better Hens and Gardens I was able to find a couple of Vermont homesteading blogs, along with some input from searches.

Practical Self Reliance is run by the same author as The Adamant Kitchen food blog mentioned above. She herself is an off-grid homesteader, who created an archive of over 700 articles to help people find practical ways to become more self-reliant.

Homestead Honey is run by Teri Page, who started out homesteading in Oregon, then moved as the family grew to Missouri, and in 2018, moved to Central Vermont where they are now. There are some really good articles on root cellars, gardening, and more. 

Unfortunately, Happy Hive Homestead no longer runs a blog, but they now instead sell their own beeswax polishes and conditioners, “to restore and protect wood, cast iron, carbon steel, and leather.” So if you’re in the market for these types of products, you should probably check them out! 

There are a lot of articles about homesteading in Vermont, although many of them mention Homestead Honey; their site is that good!

What is the Best Vermont Mom Blog?

Mom blogs are among the top blogs in popularity today, but are there are popular mom blogs based in Vermont?

There is Vermont Moms, which is a sister site of the City Mom Collective. Most of their content is run across the network, but the Vermont site does seem to have monthly feature articles. Still, it’s well worth checking out.

Confessions of an Overworked Mom is the first independent blog on our list. It’s run by Ellen Christian, who has two adult kids at this point. She has a nice blend of lifestyle posts on her site.

Frugalwoods is run by Mrs. Liz “Frugalwoods.” She and her husband and two kids are homesteaders in central Vermont. Liz even wrote a book called “Meet the Frugalwoods.” The site, like the book, is all about financial independence and simple living. Cool stuff.

There really aren’t too many other dedicated mom blogs out there in Vermont that I’ve found. Let me know if there are any I’ve missed!

What is the Best Vermont Ski Blog?

Not being a skier myself, I never thought to look for ski blogs in Vermont. But, this is why I do research. It turns out, there are blogs about skiing specifically pertaining to Vermont. Here are a couple of them.

SkiMaven authors a Vermont ski blog. She has been alpine skiing since childhood and has an extensive background in the sport. This includes working as a ski instructor at various resorts in Colorado, Vermont, and New Hampshire, and experience in resort marketing. Alongside her husband, who is also an avid winter sports enthusiast and photographer, SkiMaven has expanded her skiing interests to include backcountry and cross-country skiing. The couple is based in Burlington, Vermont, where they engage in website development, content management, writing, photography, and online visibility work when not on the slopes.

Ski Vermont, which is a marketing partnership among many ski resorts and adjacent winter sporting companies, has quite an extensive blog. It’s very marketing focused, but if you’re looking for information on your next ski vacation in Vermont, it’s worth checking out. 

But on the same domain, Ski Vermont also has some partner blogs, including All Mountain Mamas. I’m not sure what other partner blogs they have under their domain, but this one looks good.

Mad River Glen, a ski resort in Waitsfield, Vermont, also has their own blog, although not commonly updated.

I feel like Vermont ski blogs are an underserved category. Any avid skiers want to take a shot at it?

What is the Best Vermont Vacation Blog?

This is actually a pretty easy question to answer, as there aren’t a ton of blogs that serve Vermont specifically. There is one in particular, Travel Like a Local: Vermont, which covers just about everything about Vermont on one website. 

Otherwise the State of Vermont has their own Vermont Vacation tourism website. They do have a neat section with Stories From Vermont. If you know any other blogs that have dedicated sections to Vermont, let me know!

What is the Best Vermont Weather Blog?

There’s actually a few Vermont weather blogs that you’ll find if you do a quick Google search.

East Street Weather Blog is based in Huntington, Vermont and appears to have been updated daily since 2011. It also covers the weather for North Hero, which is a town on an island on Lake Champlain accessible by US Route 2. John Hadden’s dedication as a weather enthusiast to this blog is commendable!

Matt’s Weather Reportis as Matt himself puts it, a “Vermont weather geek’s hodgepodge of weather and climate news.” He posts at least daily, if not more.  

WCAX is the local CBS station, which has Burlington, Vermont weather forecasts, ski and board reports, and even local gardening tips!

What is the Best Vermont Wedding Blog?

As my wife and I married in a ceremony with just a Justice of Peace and the two of us, we’re not the target audience for wedding blogs, generally speaking. But, because it’s a question that’s asked of Google on a fairly regular basis, I did find a couple to mention here.

Vermont Weddings is a directory, but they offer a ton of articles on their regularly updated blog. I get why. This state is a gorgeous backdrop for a marriage. Kudos to them for being such a great resource in the space.

Jenna Brisson is a Vermont based wedding photographer who serves most of the East Coast, but her blog is focused on Vermont weddings. It’s another great resource, this one from someone you may hire for your own wedding. 

There are a few other blogs worthy of mention, but they haven’t been updated in six months or more, so I’m not keen to include them.

What Are Some Other Best Vermont Blogs?

Besides the popular topics of blogs listed above, I’d like to feature a few other very popular Vermont based blog websites.

VT Digger has many excellent Vermont history feature articles, but as a website of member-supported journalism, they cover topics from government and politics to life and culture. Vermont Daily Chronicleis another independent news website. 

For those into hunting down mushrooms in the state, The Mushroom Forager is a great Vermont based resource.

Please let know about any other Vermont blogs you enjoy! I hope to update this article on at least a yearly basis.

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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