The Beauty of Everything

Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and breathe. As you’re doing this, you want to recharge yourself by putting your mind in a positive frame. One of the best ways to do this is to try to appreciate the beauty of every little thing. I mean EVERY little thing.

Appreciating the little things in life is how you get through some days. When everything seems to be falling apart, be grateful for what you do have. Even something that you take for granted, like your internet connection, is a beautiful thing to be grateful for. Even your water bottle is something to be grateful for, because it helps remind you to stay hydrated.

Being grateful for the things we take for granted is good for a couple of reasons. First, it helps remind us that we have plenty of things already. These are things that we must treasure because any one of them could be gone at any time. Secondly, you learn to appreciate each individual thing more closely. You have to take in the beauty of everything, no matter how simple or utilitarian or seemingly unimportant it seems to be.

There’s beauty in everything, no matter what it is. Even when you are going through a tough time, there are ways to reframe your circumstances. Don’t think “it could be worse,” though. Think “I’m here right now, so what’s the next step to get into a better place?” Don’t try to improve things all at once. Identify just one thing you could do to better yourself and your situation. Preferably, find something that allows you to do both.

I’m not selling magical cures here, just some simple advice. Just step back and appreciate the beauty of everything. Take a walk in nature. Really look around and keep an eye on things that stand out to you.

Maybe you’re not in a bad situation at all, yet you feel like something’s missing in your life. The same advice applies. Even if you’re in a situation that seems hopeless right now, you can find something that’s beautiful to appreciate.

Try it. You’ll be in a better mood for it. Things will look up if you do.

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.

4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Everything

  1. I love this post!! Gratitude is the key to a life well lived. It’s fun to make it a game with yourself to see how many things you can come up with in a day to appreciate. Because your right… there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, we just have to look. Great job!

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