The 11th (Poetry)

For September 11th, I decided to revisit an old poem that I wrote way back in 2004. It was quite a doozy in its original form. But, it piqued my interest in what it was trying to say. So, I kept a lot of the original spirit and just stripped it down to the core of what it was trying to say.

Keep in mind it’s a re-imagined poem from 16 years ago. Nowadays, I’m not so much into rhyme schemes as they can force awkward phrasing. Who wants unnecessary lines that exist simply to satisfy the rhyming? In this case, though, I think I salvaged it enough to be at least tolerable to post.

Enjoy this little artifact from my early years of poetry. It’s far from being one of my best, but it’s interesting to see where my thoughts were around that time, just three years after that world changing tragedy. Let me know what you think, and don’t judge it too harshly!

“The 11th”

The screen was too small. 
I couldn’t see the whole picture
But, the bank of fear was growing richer

We all cried, so many petrified
By what we had just seen
Nothing that could be justified

Then we all prayed and held hands
Now, we’re all back to this selfish crap
Our own dislikes and petty demands

As terror still lurks in our backyard
So many Americans still
Go and act like total retards

Terror breeds hate, terror breeds anger
And just reminds us of a worldly hunger
Why am I here? How can I face the danger?

So, we fight fire with bigger fires
From their holy war, they cannot retire
They call us the bullies, the big liars

For freedom, they have no desire.
We kick ass, and they run
Yet the stakes only run higher

Besides the evil lurking over there
While we weren’t looking
Now we’ve got terror here

When I see red, white, and blue
I think of the blood shed 
For peace & freedom meant for you

We’re all free to disagree
Let’s strive to be our very best
Let’s go and be all we can be

~ Amelia <3, Original Written 2004, Revised September 2020

Photo by anna from Pexels

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