Tarnished Citadel – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Tarnished Citadel, a nonbasic land card from Magic the Gathering’s Odyssey set, has been and continues to be a key component of Darien, King of Kjeldor EDH decks even in 2022. Not only does this land offer you the opportunity to tap it for colorless mana, but it also gives you the option to tap it for any color of mana, giving that you don’t mind taking 3 damage.

This 3 damage is exactly why Tarnished Citadel is so useful in Darien EDH decks. The Legendary Soldier’s ability creates a 1/1 Soldier token for each point of damage that you take. This means each time you tap the Tarnished Citadel, while you take the damage, you benefit with three new pawns for your army. This seems like a fair tradeoff, since Darien has ways to regain that life in his arsenal, such as the reliable Clerics Soul Warden and Soul’s Attendant.

Tarnished Citadel is not a card that would be expected to see a reprint any time soon. While it’s not impossible that this card could enjoy a future reprint, it’s more likely that this Odyssey rare will become an increasing rarity. Since the slow and steady demand for this card from EDH players continues, by mid-2022, the price point of Tarnished Citadel has eclipsed $25.

The only way to prevent the effect damage from Tarnished Citadel reliably is something like Rune of Protection: Lands (yeah, that is a thing). Then again, 3 life is a small price to pay for reliable mana fixing. This Odyssey land is worth adding to your collection, even if only to be a nice money card in your binder; of course, be aware that eventually Wizards of the Coast may decide to pop this into a preconstructed Commander deck or reprint set somewhere down the line.

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