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Thousand Dragon from Metal Raiders – An Old School YuGiOh Card Review

One of the key cards in YuGiOh’s second North American TCG set, Metal Raiders (MRD), Thousand Dragon is a secret rare still highly sought after by collectors because of its nostalgic value. It has been reprinted at common several times, including Starter Deck Joey, Dark Beginnings 2, Legendary Collection 4, and the Speed Duel Starter […]

Foucault’s Cannon – A YuGiOh Card Review

Foucault’s Cannon is a Normal Pendulum Monster from the Duelist Alliance expansion set for the YuGiOh Trading Card Game. This is a Level 5, DARK-attribute Spellcaster-type monster, meaning it also requires a Tribute to be Normal Summoned. While 2200 ATK isn’t great for a Level 5 Monster, it’s at least respectable. It was one of […]

Flash Knight – A YuGiOh Card Review

While Flash Knight may simply be a rare card from YuGiOh’s Duelist Alliance expansion set, this Pendulum Monster would prove himself to be rather useful. He’s a Level 4 Light-Attribute Normal Monster with 1800 ATK and 600 DEF, easily search-able with Reinforcement of the Army. The most important part about the Flash Knight is the […]

Dragon Horn Hunter – A YuGiOh Card Review

The first of the YuGiOh ARC-V expansion sets, Duelist Alliance, introduced a brand new card type to the card game: Pendulum Monsters. After players were introduced to the Pendulum Summoning mechanic with the  Space Time Showdown Super Starter Deck, we got to see the mechanic in full force in the Duelist Alliance set. Here we’ll […]

Kaiser Glider – YuGiOh Old School Duelist Stories

Kaiser Glider is one of, if not the first ever Yu-Gi-Oh cards that I bought on eBay. It was actually the ultra rare reprint in Dark Revelations 1 that I bought, and not the original Dark Crisis ultra rare printing. It’s been reprinted multiple times since, once at rare, and several times at common. While […]

YuGiOh BEATDOWN Deck List (2003) – Old School Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile

Today we’re taking a look at a YuGiOh Beatdown deck from the 2003 Legacy of Darkness (LOD) Advanced format. The deck list is from the Old School Expert on YouTube. Monsters 1 Airknight Parshath1 Cyber Jar1 Fiber Jar1 Jinzo1 Exiled Force3 Gemini Elf1 Injection Fairy Lily1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer1 Magician of Faith1 Sangan3 Spear […]

Cockadoodledoo! – A Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review

I’m not sure what surprises me more: that there’s a Yu-Gi-Oh card called Cockadoodledoo, or that a card called Cockadoodledoo is actually good. Originally printed in the Judgment of the Light set and reprinted in the 2014 Mega-Tins Mega Pack, this Ultra Rare Level 5 Tuner is much more than it first appears. With 1600 […]

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