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WOMEN at Work Above at Vanderbilt Mansion – Photophile Musings

This photo was taken at a construction site on the Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site in Hyde Park, New York on August 21, 2021. The sign was a warning for construction workers working above the sidewalk, but apparently, female members of the construction crew took exception to the sign saying “men” and wrote in the letters […]

View From the Vanderbilt’s Backyard – Photophile Musings

This is one of the few photos that I took at the Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site in the mansion’s backyard on August 21, 2021. While this was a great shot across the river behind the house, I didn’t get many other photos in the area. That’s because people were literally using both the front and […]

Scenes from the Stone Cottage Garden – Photophile Musings

These photos were taken in the Stone Cottage Garden at the Eleanor Roosevelt Historic National Park, August 21, 2021. It’s also known as the Cutting Garden at Val-Kill. This national park remains the only US historic site dedicated to a first lady. I’m impressed with the handiwork of the National Park Service maintaining this garden […]

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