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Fathom Feeder – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Fathom Feeder is an Eldrazi creature card from Magic the Gathering’s set Battle for Zendikar that started out hot, but quickly fell from grace. This little guy saw immediate play in Standard Esper Control, Bring to Light, and Grixis Control decks. But, within three months, and the release of the next set in Oath of […]

Ego Erasure – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Back in the days when tribal decks ruled competitive Magic the Gathering in early 2008, Ego Erasure was a cute card to really mess up someone’s game plan. Elves, Kithkins, and Faeries were extremely powerful tribes that ruled the game for a while. With all of the Tribal support, playing this spell at instant speed […]

What is the Best Lickilicky Card in the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

With the incredible popularity of my article “Is Lickilicky a Good Pokemon?” I decided to finally pen an article about the often maligned pocket monster in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. As of January 2022, there are only nine Lickilicky cards in the card game. Considering it’s from the 4th generation of games, Diamond and […]

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