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Brief Baseball Bios – Bobby Grich

Bobby Grich was a second baseman in the Major Leagues for the Baltimore Orioles and California Angels. He was one of the better players in his day, but is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He played from 1970-1976 with the Orioles, left as a free agent, and signed with the California Angels where […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Kenny Lofton

Kenny Lofton may never be a Baseball Hall of Famer, but he was one heck of a player. He played mostly for the Cleveland Indians, but actually began with the Houston Astros. Lofton also had one year with the Atlanta Braves before returning to Cleveland, and played for many other teams later in his career, […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Greg Maddux

Not much more can be said about legendary pitcher Greg Maddux, who was a shoo-in for the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014, which was his first season of eligibility. To say he’s a paragon of pitching excellence would be an understatement. His career Wins Above Replacement (WAR) total of 106.8 ranks 25th on Baseball-Reference […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Jeff Kent

Jeff Kent was quite a ballplayer. He played for the Blue Jays, New York Mets, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Kent won the 2000 NL MVP, and deservedly so, as he had a career year with a 1.021 OPS! Kent was never a Gold Glove second baseman, but he was […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Wes Farrell

Wes Farrell, brother of Hall of Fame Catcher Rick Ferrell, played for the Boston Red Sox from 1934-1937 Wes Farrell was a right-handed pitcher in the Major Leagues from 1927 to 1941. He pitched mainly for the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox. He also pitched for the Washington Senators, and hung on for a […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Dan Quisenberry

Dan Quisenberry, better known as “Quiz,” was an ace relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals for 10 seasons (1979-1988). During that time, he compiled 24.9 WAR, for an average of nearly 2.5 WAR per season, an incredible feat for a relief pitcher. Then again, during the eighties, relievers often pitched over 100 innings a […]

Junk Wax Baseball Dynasty – Randy Ready and His Magical 1987 Season

In Junk Wax Dynasty, we look at Major League Baseball players from the “Junk Wax” era of baseball cards and find the hidden gems from 1987 to 1993. For this installment, we take a look at the career year of a San Diego Padres utility player by the name of Randy Ready. How many Randy […]

Junk Wax Baseball Dynasty – Bob Tewksbury and His 1992 Career Year

Digging through all those generally worthless “junk wax” baseball cards of 1987 to 1993, you’ll occasionally find a card that commemorates a great season of a not so famous player. However, to celebrate Bob Tewksbury becoming the Mental Skills Coach of the Chicago Cubs, we take a look at his finest season, which happens to […]

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