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Is Bellossom a Good Pokemon?

Bellossom’s role in the world of Pokemon often comes under scrutiny. Many players realize that it lacks significant strength, even as far back as its best competitive generation in Diamond and Pearl when measured against other popular Grass-type Pokemon like Leafeon or Torterra. Bellossom does have its fair share of perks and used correctly it […]

Is Venusaur Good Competitively in Pokemon?

As the final evolution of Pokemon’s Bulbasaur, one of the three first ever starter monsters from Red and Blue, Venusaur has enjoyed a long competitive history. Despite having many different weaknesses in earlier generations of the video game franchise, Venusaur has gained additional resistances as types have been introduced into Pokemon.  Also, while its move […]

Is Blastoise a Good Pokemon?

Blastoise has long been a favorite of many old school Pokemon players simply because of how versatile the Shellfish Pokemon can be. His defenses are solid both physically and specially, and he’s also a decent physical attacker and special attacker. While in the first games he was overshadowed in competitive play by Venusaur and Charizard, […]

Is Charmeleon a Good Pokemon?

It may surprise some Pokemon fans that Charmander is actually the weakest of the first generation of starter Pokemon, although dedicated fans of Squirtle and Bulbasaur will probably agree with that statement. It probably isn’t nearly as surprising that Charmeleon is not as good as Wartortle and Ivysaur, Pokemon that can actually succeed outside of […]

Is Miltank a Good Pokemon?

Miltank is a very interesting Pokemon that often seems to be overlooked, especially as it was Gym Leader Whitney’s signature Pokemon from Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The problem with the Milk Cow Pokemon in its first incarnation was that it was extremely gimmicky, depending on a move called Milk Drink to continuously heal itself. The […]

Is Sandslash (Gen 1) Good in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Sandslash has been an interesting Pokemon to me since Gen 1 of Pokemon. While it gained a new Ice/Steel form in the Alola region of Sun and Moon, there are some interesting reasons to consider the original Gen 1 Ground-type Sandslash for your team. While it’s not one of the best Pokemon you could have […]

Is Alolan Sandslash Good in Competitive Pokemon?

For many generations, Sandslash was a Ground-type Pokemon. Despite being a generally useful utility mon with good Attack and physical Defense stats, it was slow and overpowered by special attacks. A hidden ability that doubled its speed on sandstorms gave it some hope, but there are mons that can serve the same utility roles in […]

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