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Is Blastoise a Good Pokemon?

Blastoise has long been a favorite of many old school Pokemon players simply because of how versatile the Shellfish Pokemon can be. His defenses are solid both physically and specially, and he’s also a decent physical attacker and special attacker. While in the first games he was overshadowed in competitive play by Venusaur and Charizard, […]

Is Sandslash (Gen 1) Good in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Sandslash has been an interesting Pokemon to me since Gen 1 of Pokemon. While it gained a new Ice/Steel form in the Alola region of Sun and Moon, there are some interesting reasons to consider the original Gen 1 Ground-type Sandslash for your team. While it’s not one of the best Pokemon you could have […]

Is Alolan Sandslash Good in Competitive Pokemon?

For many generations, Sandslash was a Ground-type Pokemon. Despite being a generally useful utility mon with good Attack and physical Defense stats, it was slow and overpowered by special attacks. A hidden ability that doubled its speed on sandstorms gave it some hope, but there are mons that can serve the same utility roles in […]

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