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How Was Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl the Best Selling Video Game in Japan for 2022?

While I’m certainly not as down on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (aka BDSP) as it seems so much of the Pocket Monster fandom is, I’m rather surprised that the 2021 titles combined to win two Japan Game Awards. Not only was the duo the best selling video game in Japan for the past […]

Is Fearow a Good Pokemon?

As far as Bird Pokemon are concerned, Fearow was most certainly one of the best you could run with in the first ever Pokemon games, Red and Blue. While Pidgey was certainly more common and evolved into the very recognizable Pidgeot, Spearow evolved more quickly into a much more fearsome Pokemon. Like Pidgeot, though, Fearow […]

What is the Best Purugly Pokemon Card?

First introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon games – Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum – Purugly is a Pokemon that isn’t especially popular, despite actually having decent base statistics. Unfortunately, it has a rather shallow move pool, although it has been used in lower tiers of competitive play thanks to having access to some useful […]

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