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Is Lechonk Good? – New Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

Lechonk appears to be the token regional Normal Pokemon for the Paldea region of Generation 9’s Scarlet and Violet. A truffle-sniffing boar makes plenty of sense for a region based on Spain from a flavor aspect, so the overall design makes sense. But, can Lechonk set itself apart from the ill-fated regional token Normal types […]

Is Pawmi Good? – New Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

At first glance, Pawmi would appear to be Scarlet and Violet’s token Electric Mouse Pokemon. Even in the Generation 9 pocket monster games, it seems that this is a trend that can’t help but continue. But, could Pawmi end up having an evolution with a secondary typing to make it stand out from Pokemon’s other […]

Is Smoliv Good? – New Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

Smoliv was one of the first new Pokemon revealed to be in Scarlet and Violet, the Generation 9 pocket monster adventure games for the Nintendo Switch. According to the official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website, Smoliv is a Normal/Grass type that stores oil made from nutrients gathered through photosynthesis in the fruit on its head. […]

Is Cyclizar a Good Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

Cyclizar is a Dragon/Normal type Pokemon introduced in the Generation 9 Nintendo Switch games, Scarlet and Violet. While it appears to be a pre-evolution of the box legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon, thanks to its similar design and use in the open world as a mount, that hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing. What Cyclizar […]

Which is the Best of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to kick off Generation 9 of Pokemon, and with these games come our ninth trio of starter Pokemon. As always, they are Grass, Water, and Fire type. Our choices this time around in the Paldea region are the Grass-type Sprigatito, the Water-type Quaxly, and the Fire-type Fuecoco. Over time, […]

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