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Is Beedrill Good? (Part III: Mega Beedrill)

When we last left off with our “Is It Good” series with Beedrill, Generation 4 had been kind to our bee friend. Splitting moves into physical and special actually helped Beedrill more than it hurt, giving it new options for those competitive players who wanted to use it on their team. Sure, there were better […]

Is Clodsire a Good Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

The evolution of Paldean Wooper, Clodsire is the regional evolution form of Quagsire. Like most regional forms, Clodsire retains the same base stat total. But, unlike Paldean Wooper which has the same pitiful stats as normal Wooper, Clodsire has entirely different base stats in their distribution. Will this new spread make Clodsire better or worse […]

Is Bulbasaur Good in Pokemon?

Long hailed as the least-chosen starter Pokemon from the first-generation games of Red and Blue, Bulbasaur and its evolutions have become an increasingly effective mon in both the adventure and in competitive play. While Venusaur is typically who you will find as either an all-out attacker on Sunny Day/Drought teams or as a specially defensive […]

Is Ivysaur a Good Pokemon?

Ivysaur is the first evolution of Pokemon’s Bulbasaur, one of the first three starters ever in the entire video game franchise. As I discussed in my writeup “Is Bulbasaur Good in Pokemon,” Ivysaur gains about a 25 percent gain in base stats with the tradeoff being that it naturally learns its moves later.  When I […]

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