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Saturnine (Poetry)

“Saturnine” is a poem written around the various definitions of the title word of the poem, Saturnine. Oh, who is this unsmiling face? Where once there was a happy place Somber tones, brooding expressions,  Now leave a gloomy impression This melancholy state in which  you’re in must make a sudden switch So humorless now, but […]

Unfinished Verses (Poetry)

“Unfinished Verses” is a poem about wondering what to do with poetry that remains unfinished  and the endless possibility that exists in pieces that aren’t yet complete. Pondering unfinished versesQuite unsure of how to proceedDizzy beyond useful purposeThese strange words are all she can read The conclusion’s open-endedShe’s already planted a seedThe words already plentifulThey’ll […]

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