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Allosaurus Rider – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Allosaurus Rider, a creature from Magic the Gathering’s Coldsnap set, was the victim of one of the most infamous card buyouts seen in Magic finance history. Pretty much every copy of the Elf Warrior, including the Coldsnap Prerelease and Duel Deck: Elves vs Goblins printings, disappeared from the internet. While this is a card that’s […]

Toski, Bearer of Secrets – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic the Gathering Commander players have been screaming for a true leader for Squirrel tribal for many years. Kaldheim finally brought Squirrel lovers a Christmas gift when Toski, Bearer of Secrets was revealed. Better yet, while Toski is an awesome Squirrel, his abilities are versatile enough to go into many Commander decks. Of course, most […]

Triumph of the Hordes – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic the Gathering’s New Phyrexia booster set has a few valuable uncommon cards. But, Triumph of the Hordes became an $15 card based on the fact that it literally can make a deck triumph. Thanks to the controversial infect mechanic, it’s easily one of the most dangerous pump spells in Magic. It became especially more […]

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